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Funny Story...

With all this "Royal Wedding" talk going on, I was reminded of something silly...

(And, PS...I totally thought I didn't give two hoots about the wedding, turns out I did! We don't have TV--well, we have A TV, just no channels--so I didn't watch anything live, but holy smokers, have I been YouTubing things like crazy!)

Anyway, on my first date with Mr. Wonderful, we were saying our goodbyes...I was shuffling my feet, hoping for a goodnight kiss but trying not to make it look that I was too hopeful, when my handsome suitor said something that still cracks me up to this day.

He said (all cute and charming and silly), and I quote: "If you play your cards right, maybe someday you'll be a princess...I'm royalty of an island off the coast of England." And I burst out laughing!

Totally cheesy...but it made me smile.

On a side note--is anyone else amazed by the love Britain has for the monarchy? (Should that be capitalized?!) Makes me want to live there. No, scratch makes me want to be part of the Royal Family! ;)

Oh, and on another side note...Prince Harry? Wowzers. He looked so dashing and devilish in that uniform. And, I'm DYING to know what he whispered to William as Kate was walking down the aisle...JUST DYING!!!


  1. I didn't get too excited with anticipation either, but it's captivating! Kate looked absolutely beautiful and the poise that she keeps is beyond my real of understanding!! It truly leaves me in awe! I kept thinking how nervous I would be and how the heck do these people keep it together!??! 2 BILLION viewers!
    It truly is like a fantasy!

  2. I know what you mean about not giving a hoot.. I didn't think I did either.. And then I stayed up till 5am watching it.. :) And I'm with you on wanting to know what Harry said to William.. I wanna know!

  3. I'm pretty sure he said something like "Wait till you see her." They were both supposed to be looking forward, but Harry sneaked a peek. That is what one of the sites I was reading yesterday said.

  4. According to an article I read online, he said something along the lines of, "OK here she is, and wait until you see her!!" :-)

  5. The BBC says his whispered "Wait til you see whats coming!"


    Princess Diana would be so proud!

  6. I didn't watch it, but I saw the pictures and my daughter was in awe... she's a tom boy but a total princess at heart.

    Pretty awesome day in history for our kiddo's

  7. I watched and loved every minute. The looks and whispers added to the charm.

  8. It's such a neat British tradition. The groom has to be the very last person to see the bride!! I think that's so romantic!

  9. Harry said "wait until you see her"
    and then when Cate got to the alter William whispered "You look Beautiful"

    It was on our news last night, lip readers had been called in to find out what was said.

    I didn't think I was interested either but ended up watching it all and was quite moved. They make a lovely couple. :D

  10. When Catherine got to the front William told her she looked beautiful. Then he said to her father that he thought they were only having a small family affair.

  11. :) I was not that interested in the wedding itself. I was more interested in how they actually met. So I watched the movie William & Kate. :) Love your hubby's comment. :)

  12. i loved it all! she was just breath-taking her gown, they are such a cute couple. and i loved all the sweet moments between them during the ceremony, so natural and relaxed. the best part is that they are marrying just for LOVE! that is a rare reason nowadays I feel, especailly with "famous" couples. so happy for them!

  13. I read somewhere that he said "Wait until you see her." If you look closely, William actually sneaks a peak before she makes it up to him, and then he tells her "You look beautiful" once she is standing beside him. William said to the father shortly after "This was only supposed to be a small family affair" and that is what they were laughing at shortly after they reached the altar. :) Swoon. I love Princess Catherine, she is SO classy!

  14. Fun little fact about me:

    Technically speaking I'm an heir to be a marchioness, which is ranking above a countess and below a duchess. We are also related to King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette :)

  15. I taped the whole 6 hour event and watched it on fast forward when I got home. There were only certain parts I wnated to see anyway. It was LOVELY.

  16. I was going to watch it, and then decided not to. But I ended up waking up so I watched it after all. It was so pretty and they looked so in love and happy!

  17. It helps that Kate has such a wholesome youthful beauty!

  18. I was disappointed in the kiss, both of them

    but the way they looked at each other was very romantic

    that is all


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