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An Update...

Just 'cuz I want you to see how good our girl looks:

What a beautiful sight! (And, just to reassure you...those braids have been unbraided, washed, and rebraided many times!)

I was very hesitant to take Belle to the Wild game on Saturday, but her big brother fought for her cause...told us that she'd be comfortable, not "exposed" to many people, and we could wheel her in via stroller.

So, we did. She was VERY happy to get to go (I was originally planning on staying back with her...) and it was great to get together with family!

She's been more active, having MUCH less pain (basically getting by on just ibuprofen), eating yogurt like it's going out of style, and even got outside for a bit yesterday to watch her daddy burn our field:

Still needs to gain some weight back, and work on her energy levels, but we're doing very well!

Today marks the first day back to school for her in over 2 weeks (thankfully they were on spring break for part of the time she missed..."thankfully" for her not having to miss as much school, not "thankfully" that she was sick for spring break!), she is just going for a couple of hours, due to previously scheduled dental appointments!

Tuesday will also be a 1/2 day for her...I don't want her to get worn out. I'm expecting by Wednesday, she'll be ready for full days again...although I am not the type to hesitate to keep her back or pick her up early if she needs it.

Once again, thank you ALL for your thoughts and prayers...they were/are very much appreciated!


  1. So good to see that "Belle" is up and around and feeling better. Bless her sweet heart. What an ordeal for a young gal to go through.

    Thanks so much for the update on her.

    Have a good week.

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  2. I am so happy to hear that she is feeling better!

  3. Oh thank goodness! She looks great.

  4. God bless her more...

    HAve a great week!

  5. Hi Mama M!
    Wow, you and your family have been going through a tough time so recently - I have been reading a bit on your blog. I am sorry you lost a brother in law, it's always such a huge impact, but especially when he is leaving a young family behind as well as so many whose lives he has touched. At the same time a wonderful witness as to how he lived his life...
    Praying God's presence and comfort over all your lives. May He strenghten you all at the moments when you miss him most. Grateful the Belle is home and getting well again. May God's hand be over y'all!

  6. Found you through Five Question Friday! Glad to see your girl is up and feeling good! Looking forward to following you! You can check me out at

  7. She looks fantastic! Glad she's on the mend. :)

  8. So happy to hear all the good news!

    that is all

  9. I have been catching up on my reading, so glad to hear she is doing better. Now you can all breathe easier.

  10. I'm so glad she is feeling better! She looks well and is so beautiful!! How sweet of her brother to want her to go to the game! What a beautiful family :)

  11. I'm glad to see that she is doing so well and getting back to normal. You're a good mama :-)

  12. So glad that she is up and around again!

  13. Happy to hear the great news!!! You must be soo relieved and happy!


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