Thursday, April 21, 2011

Have you ever...

Driven a vehicle with a baby calf in the back seat?

Me neither...well, that is, not until yesterday. Yesterday, when my husband wrangled the 80 pound darling into the cab of his (almost) brand new pick up truck.

To be honest, I'm not sure how he allowed it...NO WAY would I have allowed it in my van, and my van isn't anywhere near new (or nearly as clean) as his truck! And the STINK! Blech!

Anyway, everyone fared well...except for that one time, when I stopped a little too suddenly, and calfie got startled and my husband (who was holding her) took a hoof to his precious jewels.

But, we won't mention that one time. (Oops! Sorry hon!)

And now...the bottle feeding begins. We (and I use that term loosely, as in "we" minus "me"...) will likely keep her for a couple of months, then take her back to the Mr.'s brother's farm (which I'm not sure why she left in the first place, other than to provide our kids with a calf to feed) to rejoin the herd.

I am slightly concerned, however, about how we will transport her back to the farm. At the very least, it should be entertaining!! (And I wonder if my husband will wear a nut cup next time...) ;)


  1. I never leave your blog with out tears in my eyes. Usually they are tears of me laughing sooooo hard!! I laughed so hard at this I had to share it with my co worker neighbor!! I can't wait to read the post about how the calfie makes it back to the farm. That should be some good reads. :)

  2. Mind if I ask where the calf is going to sleep and such? I'm just super curious. Also- I can not say anything because I've always wanted a cow (though we have no land) & so I'd be the one volunteering our family to take in an orphaned calfie to feed. lol... Good luck, keep us all up to date, & post lots of photos :)


  3. Nut cup? That's the first tiem I've ever heard it like that! never cease to make me smile. :)

  4. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Poor hubby but I admire his soft side to allow his new truck to be "christened" in the way of a calf!

  5. I am a new follower, so I don't know if you have posted pictures of your truck before to show that there is some cover on the bed, but my thought is why not transport it in the back of the truck?

  6. Bwahahaha thats hilarious! So sweet that your kids get experience her.
    Good luck getting her back. She'll be Much Bigger.

  7. Aww Mama I LOVE bottle babies! I love 'em more than puppies! Have fun with her. I think you just made me decide my Mister is taking me to get a new bottle baby this weekend :) I love 'em!

  8. Yes. I have transported a calf inside of our ranch pickup! Haha last summer I was out helping my husband check calves and this poor little guy was abandoned, so his boss comes and throws the calf on the floor of the truck between my legs! Definitely NOT what I was expecting!

    @ Sarah B-It probably would have been way too cold for the little guy to go very far in the back of the pickup!


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