Sunday, September 13, 2009

The TreeHouse Chronicles--Day 35

Thirty five days...wowza!! Just over a month of construction, and we've got ourselves four walls!!

Four walls, my friends! No longer a platform in the woods, we now have a roofless dwelling, four sides and a floor! And not bad to look at, either...I must say!

Mr. Wonderful, hard at working, making sure things are flush and level and plumb and square and "right on the nuts"...

I tried to extol the virtues of the "Crooked House"...but he just would have nothing to do with it! Perfection is the only way for him!

The view from the inside:

And the only view from the inside, as the TreeHouse doesn't yet have a precautions for our fearless Tiny Girl...who'd likely climb the ladder, then jump out a window if we'd let her. Looks like the TreeHouse will get a rope ladder, one that can be tucked up safely inside, so as not to entice our tiniest daredevil!!
And a completely (and I mean completely) unrelated story:

Last night we took the kiddos to Perkin's, for some fine family dining.

Chaos is ever present when dining out with our gaggle of children, especially around beverage ordering time, and especially especially now that we have children old enough to assert their own opinion on what they want to drink!

"Blue pop!!!!!" was the resounding answer as the waitress patiently asked each child.

Loudness, chatter, much distraction...and when she asked about what Tiny Girl would like, I figured I'd make it easy, "A blue pop, too!"

Overwhelmed, I'm sure, at the orders flying at her, she nodded and verified, "Okay, a blue poo?"

We both started to giggle, laugh...and I said, "Well, I'm sure they will have blue poo after, but yes, a blue pop, too!!"

Now, guess what I changed after Tiny Girl woke up from her nap today?

You got it!

Blue Poo!!!


  1. Love how the tree house is coming along. Looks Great..

  2. The tree house is looking great! Love the blue poo story :)

  3. The treehouse is looking good yo! Blue poo..I'm sure that was just lovely to change..Oh and what is blue pop?

  4. That is funny! My son had green poo once after some weirdly flavored ice cream. He was old enough to be a little frightened.

  5. Dontcha just love multi-colored poo! You gotta know it is super healthy if it changes the bm colors!

  6. aw, the tree house is so cute! What a wonderful thing to build for your kids!

  7. Blue Poo! ICK!!

    I say that when their poo starts becoming rainbow colored, it's toilet time.

  8. The tree house is certainly taking shape! I am sure that it will be very well lived-in :o)

    Hey, what's blue pop?

    Blessings & Aloha!


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