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Five Question Friday!

It's Frrriiiiiddddaaayyyy!!! Woo-hoo!! Yee-haw!! Yippee!! Can you tell I'm excited? It's Miss E.'s birthday today...and as many of you read this...I will be cursing myself for agreeing to a "tie-dye" birthday party...sheesh, what was I thinking??!!!

Okie dokie, my friends (that's a little straight up MinneSOOOOtan for ya, dontchaknow?)'s the rules: copy the questions below, paste them to your blog, answer them, grab the MckLinky code (link back to me, if you'd be ever so kind) and then join the fun! Honestly, you don't know what your missing if you don't participate in Five Question Friday...really.

September 18th Questions: (Thanks to Keely, Meghan, and Amanda for their help!)

1. What's your favorite line from a movie?

2. What "group" did you belong to in high school? Goths, jocks, preps, drama, nerds?

3. If you had $1000 just for yourself what would you spend it on?

4. What was your favorite childhood cartoon?

5. What kind of sleeper are you? Back? Tummy? Side? Sprawler?

There you have it! Join in the fun!!


1. What's your favorite line from a movie?
My favorite line from a movie, was just recently. Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaur (seriously? That movie rocks and may just possibly, very well be my favorite movie!!). The line from the movie? Buck the weasel was discussing his dinosaur encounter with Crash and Eddie...They ask, "*GASP*, were you killed?" Buck cockily responds, "Sadly, I was...but I lived!!!"

Man, I love that Buck--he totally stole the show. Totally.

2. What "group" did you belong to in high school? Goths, jocks, preps, drama, nerds? know, I don't know that I really "belonged" much to a group. This'll sound really strange, but I belong more to a "group" of high school friends now than I did then. If I had to put myself into a group, I'd say the "preps"...I was a pretty good girl, but I also hung out with "the woodies" and "the burnouts" and "the jocks" I dunno.

Is that skirting the question?

3. If you had $1000 just for yourself what would you spend it on?

Oh, this is easy peasy!! Shoes! Shoes, shoes and more shoes!!! There's this fab pair of "Naughty Monkey" flats that I'm totally coveting right now...eyein' 'em up like crazy...and trying to decide if I want to spend the $75 to get 'em.

And, since $75 buck is just a very small portion of my grand that I get to spend, I'd also buy a laptop, or a video camera so I could be like "all the cool kids" and do a vlog.

Yup, that's what I'd buy!

4. What was your favorite childhood cartoon?

Well, now that I'm an adult with children that live on Dora, and Spongebob, and The Backyardigans...I really appreciate some good ol' Wile E. Coyote and the Roadrunner. Man, those were some great 'toons!

I still have a bit of a Wile E. complex...if a train has just crossed the tracks, and I'm first to cross after it...I still get the feeling that as soon as I "cross the threshold" of the tracks, that a trains gonna come barrelin' down on me and squish me flat.

Is that weird?

5. What kind of sleeper are you? Back? Tummy? Side? Sprawler

I am an occasional side sleeper...'specially if Mr. Wonderful is either A. in the mood to snuggle "without consequences" or B. if he's had something garlicky to eat. In A. I like to sleep sideways and spoon, in B. I like to sleep sideways to avoid the breath on my face.

But, mostly, I am a back sleeper. Pretty much coffin-style, too. Hands crossed on my chest, legs/feet out flat. Ahhhh...I love to sleep!

All right, now it's YOUR turn!

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  1. Oh gosh! I love the "without consequences." That is funny!

  2. Dude! I don't envy you with that tie dying..
    Okay,love the questions..time to do mine.
    Oh and you should totally get those Naughty Monkey's.

  3. I thought you were insane when I first saw the tie dye thing....

    I also kind of thought that maybe you really were going to embrace your "inner hippie"....what with first the "bush", and then tie dye? What next?

    "Without consequences"? Is there such a thing? Coffin style? You are just cracking me up today!

  4. Good luck with the tie dye! Can't wait to hear how it all went!

    Um, I tried to copy the button for the Five Questions Friday in to my post today but the photo that comes up is the My Little Life Button. Did I do something wrong?

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your little one

  6. Cute post! Have a great weekend!

  7. It does my heart good to know Tom and Jerry are still around!! Oh and HEY! Just noticed you had the roadrunner, too! :)

    LOVIN' the way you want to spend your $1,000! Go and get the $75 ones!

  8. Leave it open please - I'll have to do it tomorrow morning. :) Goodnight!

  9. I love the 'without consequences'..and can sooo relate!
    I hope you enjoyed tie-dyeing :)

  10. I am a few days late on joining in on the fun... here is my link:

  11. Happy Tie dye Birthday to Em!

    Love lists and questions about bloggers... one day, I will be able to get my act together and get on this meme! seems so elusive!

    (My hubby and I have a bit of a routine in sleep positions haha! ....kinda funny to think...must be cuz we've been married going on 28 yrs! aw, I guess I cant claim being only 2ish or 7ish when we got married!)

    Blessings & Aloha!


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