Saturday, September 12, 2009

A New Trend

It's official. I'm starting a new trend...a new fad...a new "must have!!" Just you wait, this is gonna be the next big thing!

I'm gonna launch "moss lawns"!!!

Think about it! It's genius...really, it is!!

Soft, bouncy, lush and green. Minimal's gonna be all the rage!

We live in the middle of the woods...grass, non-existent...moss, plentiful! 'Cept, you know, most people think moss isn't "lawn like"...but I'm gonna change that!

Call it the "Moss Revolution"...or "Operation Moss Lawns"...or "The Moss Movement".

You stick by me, and we'll make it big, kid.

Yup, we're gonna make it big.


  1. Oh my goodness, I'm all for it! No more of this mowing all the time thing! (not that I take good care of my lawn now . . which is the point!).
    I think the "movement" probably starts with you selling moss lawn installations . . . Mr. Wonderful should be all over that! let me know when you're up and running :)

    love ya!
    your bestie,

  2. Go for it! I support you 100% :)

  3. Hmmm...I thought maybe your new trend would have something to do with "bushes"..wink wink..

  4. LOL..Keely!

    I don't know about YOUR particular region...but in the south....moss is full of red bugs(or chiggers...whatever you call them).

    I don't particularly think that I would want to create a large home for skin-burrowing, blood-sucking bugs.

    Just me!

  5. My "lawn" used to be lush grass, now it's violets, moss, steppables, and it gets mowed regularly, love it!

  6. I'm with Meghan. In the south we have grass a plenty. I'm not sold on the moss. I'm sure it will be a big hit up north though! =-)

  7. I would be all for it. I even have some near the a/c unit due to all the condensation there. But it just wouldn't work in GA. One week of our summer temps and zero rain, that moss it gonna look mighty pitiful...just like our brown grass. ;)

  8. chiggers??!! I take it back--I'll keep my crappy lawn :)


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