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Too Good Not to Share!

For anyone who has ever had or will have a mammogram, you have GOT to read this hilarious story. You'll thank me later!

Well, really, I can't take the credit for finding it, it was Lucy and Ethel that did, so, you can probably just skip me and thank them!

But, in any case, you're welcome! Oh, and if you go check it out, will you come back and tell me if you found it as funny as I did, or was I just in a weird mood?!

Now, it's my turn...thank you!


  1. I think I just peed my pants. Problem is (other than the wet pants, that is), I don't know if it's from fear, or from laughter. Probably both!

    FABULOUS POST!!!!!!!

  2. Yea that is def funny! Oh I sooooo dread my first mammogram.

  3. I cannot stop laughing while picturing " I'm going to look pretty silly dragging this machine down Santa Monica Boulevard by my chest."

  4. Funny stuff..I'm with Amanda and dreading my first mammogram..

  5. Have you heard of the Halo breast pap? I just recently learned about it on the show the Doctors.

  6. That was definitely funny and, I'm sorry to say for all you non-mammogrammers, very true. Actually, it's really not that bad. It's fast and only a little uncomfortable. You can do it! Don't put it off when the time comes either. :-)

    Thanks for the laugh.

  7. Thanks for the mammo-mention!

    It is hilarious, as is Ethel's report of her own fun :)


  8. Thanks so much for sending your readers to my mammogram piece! I'm sorry I didn't know about your generosity until now...I'm slow on the stat uptake. :-)

    Love your blog - I look forward to reading more...

    Thanks again and take care...

    :-) Anna


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