Monday, September 28, 2009

Not Me! Monday!

It's that time again! Time to purge yourself of all the things you didn't do this week! Head over to MckMama's and see what other's "haven't" been up to!

I have not been tempted to declare my home a "natural disaster". I mean, you know, if I had the power to make such declarations. And, to be completely honest, it's not so much my home as it is my children's rooms. They are not so beyond the point of no return that the only thing that could save them at this point is a backhoe and a landfill. I do not feel the need to don a life preserver before entering their way!!! Not Me!!

I have not been living in a "sick house"...with a white flag flying outside my home, to announce to mail man, the milk man, the peeping Tom, that is suspected that the H1N1 virus has entered our home. I'm not suspicious that it actually wasn't the swine flu...sigh...and here I thought we were just gonna get it over with. But, no, I wouldn't hope for illness!! Not Me!!

I am not on a mission. I am not, such, a woman on a mission for "Hot Mom Hair" and stylish jeans that I ventured out of quarantine on a quest to find (insert echo-ey voice here): "Hot Mom Hair" that I nearly broke down in tears when every. single. stinkin'. salon wouldn't rearrange their schedules for me on Saturday. I mean, gosh...for some reason "a bride" with a pre-booked appointment took precedence over my whim. No, I am not an unorganized, woman on a mission...uh, uh! Not Me!!

I was not utterly annoyed at my children this morning. My E.W. spent the majority of the morning crying...first he didn't want to wear his Spiderman shirt, "'cuz the sleeves are too puffy (huh? puffy Spidey sleeves? Whoever heard of such a thing?), then, his big bro "took too much" cereal (sheesh, who died and made him the cereal police??), then he found out Miss E. had a tummy ache and was gonna stay home to see what transpires, and you'd've thought we just ripped his arm off. And, Big A., in all his teenage angst, "I don't have anything to wear!" (um, what's that you're wearing, right now?) "I need a home lunch!" (since when do you not like tacos?)...what ever happened to a nice, "I wuv you Mom!" But, no, I do not ever get annoyed with my kiddos! Not Me!

Well, hope you enjoy your week! It's definitely looking to be a chilly one here (today's high's? Not even 50!!!)


  1. LOL...please if you find the elusive hot mom hair could you sent it over my way???

    Glad I'm not the only one that does not get annoyed at her kiddos! Kim

  2. Love the post! I never get annoyed at my kids either! Not me!

    Glad to see you and I are both early Not Me! people! Love reading your blog!


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