Monday, September 14, 2009

MIL of the Year

You know my BFF, Dr. J? She's a great story teller! I think what gets me most, is that she gets such kick out of her stories...she laughs and laughs and pretty soon I'm laughing and laughing...then we're both crying and laughing and gasping for breath. It's great!

So, she's telling us this story about her you tell me if this sounds like your

They were getting a new door hung...the contractor was over and Dr. J noticed the hardware was a little crooked. She walked closer to the door to have a better look and investigate with the guy.

Unbeknown to her, her sweet as pie MIL walked up behind her, also to get a better look. (Aside by me, when she told us this part of the story, her hubby pipes in under his breath..."Oh, so it's her fault now?"!!)

Dr. J, "Yup, that hardware is crooked."

Guy, "Huh, I never would've noticed."

Dr. J, taking a step back for a better look, steps on her Sweet MIL's toe. Dr. J takes a quick glance behind her, "Oh, my gosh, I'm so sorry!" she says quickly to her Sweet MIL, then turns back to the door issue.

Sweet MIL says, "Oh, no,'s okay"...and proceeds to walk into the kitchen.

Dr. J finalizes things with the door guy, and walks into the kitchen.

Her baby, B., keeps saying, "Grandma owie?"..."Grandma owie?"...Dr. J doesn't think much of it.

Then she sees her daughter walk in the kitchen...*gag*...Dr. J notices some blood...sees her daughter walk into the bathroom...*gag*...hears her daughter...*gag*..."it's just so bad I can't look at it"...*gag*. Dr. J walks into the bathroom, blood on her MIL's foot, all over the bathroom.

Dr. J says, "Oh, my gosh...Sweet MIL, what happened?"

Sweet MIL, "Oh,'s's's nothing...thank you! That toenail was really bothering me. I'm glad it's off now."

Dr. J, sees toenail dangling from toe, "OH!! I'm so sorry!!! Oh my gosh!!"

Sweet MIL, "Really, Dr. was really bothering me, it's just better off...really!"

Dr. J, scurrying willy nilly trying to decide what to do..."Oh my gosh...what should we do?!!! Oh, my gosh! Should we get a clippers, oh no...oh my gosh! What should we do?"

Sweet MIL, "Um...I're the doctor?!"

Dr. J..."Oh...yeah...that's right."

Gets Sweet MIL all fixed up...Door Guy says (he was privy to the whole scene), "Wow, that's some MIL you have...she thanked you for ripping her toenail off."

Dr. J, "Um, yeah...I know."

Huh, "Thank you, for ripping my toenail off"!!


  1. Ummmmmm.No. That sounds NOTHING like my MIL.

    Mine would never have been able to sneak up behind me. She would have been front and center the WHOLE time, telling the door guy how to properly install the door. And then, when I walked up to see the progress, my toenail would have been the one ripped off.

  2. Mine either. This lady does have a great MIL.

  3. hahahaha too funny. my almost mil, would have been right on the door guy bout it being crooked. she is mouthy. but i love her lol

  4. Ummmm, can I have her MIL? Mine is about as opposite from that as you can get. She'd have been in the middle telling the door dude what to do, and I'd have been the one stepped on, and it would have been my fault for getting in the way.

  5. That is AMAZING!!!! Poor Sweet MIL!!! I hope she gets one amazing Christmas present!!!

  6. Aw!! A real, real, real sweet MIL! Good thing, there was a doctor in the house...but wait...because there was a doctor in the house, the toenail came off to begin with...

    oh, poor Dr. J... ouch!

    Blessings & Aloha!


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