Wednesday, September 30, 2009


My muses are currently on strike, or something...I don't feel one teeny little smidge of creativity right now, so excuse me, while I regurgitate something back to you, that I posted awhile ago.

Hopefully, you'll enjoy this little bout of reflux! ;)


Original post:

My Grandpa and the Pot Plant:

Yes, my friends, you read that right...the pot plant, not the plant pot. Pot, as in cannabis, marijuana, weed...uh huh, that kind of pot!


Is my Grandpa!

He looks kinda grumpy here, but really he's not! This man will do anything for a loved one...he'd drive through three states just to change a tire for you (and bitch about it the whole way, but be darned mad if you called anyone else!!), he even once brought me my purse when I was shopping 45 minutes away...just 'cuz I was air-brained enough to leave it at home! He doesn't drink, doesn't smoke, is nearly 80 years old and is healthier than most 40 year olds. That's Grandpa!

So, anywho, Good Ol' Gramps has this eclectic friend, whom we'll call Crazy Z. Well, Crazy Z knows everything about everything and doesn't hesitate to share his knowledge (drives my grandma crazy! "Z says we should do this!" or "Z says hemorrhoids are caused from a hangnail" or "Z says when the wind is blowing from the NW...blah, blah, blah", ah, you get the picture), oh, so where were we? Oh, yeah...Crazy Z knows everything!

I was at Gram and Gramps house the other day with all the kiddos when I spied a suspicious looking plant in cup outside their home. I said, "What's that?"

Gram: "Oh, Crazy Z gave it Grandpa."

Me: "Huh, 'cuz it looks like a marijuana plant to me."

She: "No, I think that has three leaves."

Me: "No, that's poison ivy. I'm pretty sure marijuana has five leaves and looks, well, exactly like that."

(much inspection by the grandfolks ensued, I loaded my gaggle of children in the van and forgot about the suspicious greens in my grandparents possession, until...)

The next morning:

*Ring, Ring*

Gram: whispering "Hi, it's me, I destroyed it."

Me: "Uh, destroyed what?"

She: "That plant! It was marijuana (no longer whispering), I'm sure of it! That Z is crazy! He told Grandpa, 'It's a sweet plant'. I think he does it, too!" (Z, not Grandpa)

Me: "Dang, Gram! You should've smoked it!" (Kidding!! Kidding...I didn't say that, nor do I approve of illegal drug doing...)

So, yes, my grandfather was in possession of an illegal drug...apparently Z is the Drug Lord for octogenarians! Oh, I can just hear it:

Crazy Z: "Hey guys, the first one's free."


  1. Love it and How cute is your grandpa!!!

  2. Am currently LMAO....I needed that, thanks for the repost!

  3. hahaha!! That's great! You'll be telling that story for years!

  4. This is a CLASSIC! I remember this from before and still cracked up again this time!

    Blessings & aloha!

    (thanks for stopping in and commenting! I do love doing these drawings made with names...haha not like some think of punishment in school...having to write a gazillion times..."I will not..")

    I miss my days of "leisure" blog reading whenever I want!...sorry, had to whine a bit!)

  5. OMG!! I seriously can not stop laughing! Good thing hubby isn't here and the kids are in bed, they would think I have finally lost it!


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