Thursday, September 10, 2009

Oldest Photo Blog Hop!

It's a fun little Blog Hop!! Jamie tagged me for this cute blog hop idea, and I am so loving this idea!

Rules are to go to where you store your photos (online or on your computer)...go to the oldest file, choose the first photo, and tell the story behind it! Also, tag three people you think might be interested in this blog hop!

First things first, I'm gonna tag Mom2my9, Crayon Wrangler, and Lucy and Ethel!

Now, for the photo!!

Okay, hmmm, guess I was hoping for a "funner" photo!! ;) This was taken at E.W's baptism. Little Miss E. (oh, I could just eat up those chubby cheeks!!) is checkin' out some kid. I have no idea who it is. Our priest will do occasional "kid friendly" homilies (but just between you and me...even the kid homily is enough to make my ADD kick in full force! Gosh, I have such a hard time paying attention in church...especially when the same thing is repeated over and over and over and over...cut it short, Father.). Well, there it is folks! I was afraid I'd have to lie to you and fib on my oldest photo...Mr. Wonderful always gets a post-delivery photo of the doctor...checkin' things out down there. And, my bare legs are always framing the doctor in the's like he takes the picture from the top of my head, or something!! And I was so very afraid that that was going to be my oldest photo. Thank goodness for baptism!! ;) Phew!!!

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  1. Sweet picture! I know what you mean about church.... sometimes I have a hard time paying attention.

  2. Checking out the boys a little early aren't we?


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