Saturday, June 6, 2009


I'm gonna let you in on a little secret...did you know that watching 13 year olds playing baseball in the rain isn't much fun? Especially when you confine your remaining 4 children to playing in the van because you are unprepared too much of a wimp to go sit in the rain? Ugh.

Three years ago, at what I believe is the neighboring hotel, our E.W did something I prefer to forget, but other parents enjoy reminding me of. He was just a wee little three year old, with a curiosity filled mind and an inability to control his impulses. Walking into the hotel he spied something red at an irresistible height and just had to touch it. Turns out that that fun little red handle happened to be...a fire alarm! That he pulled. Sirens blaring, people running, confusion and chaos, fire trucks en route...the whole nine yards. Yeah, that was my son...and I wonder why we aren't staying there again! Well, at least it makes a good story! (And in my defense, I wasn't there...I happened to be shopping nearby, wondering where in the heck all those fire trucks were headed!!)

I'm considering a little contest, check it out here, leave me a comment if you'd be interested! I think it sounds like fun, a great tribute to the wonderful men in our lives, and I'd love to hear if you'd like to participate!?

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  1. Our youngest son, 11 now (yes, the one in the boxers at the convenience store), pulled the fire alarm at a major department store when he was a preschooler. It was mortifying. Trucks, sirens, panic, mayhem. The good news? He NEVER did that again... despite his excitement at seeing all the "firefires" (fire fighters).

    I miss those days, strangely enough! Although these days are enjoyable too :o)


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