Sunday, June 14, 2009

For Sale

For Sale by Owner:

One gently used muffin top. Owner parting with it 'cuz the stubborn thing just won't go away. Buy at your own risk (i.e. heart disease and fashion faux pas). No satisfaction guarantee and, absolutely no returns or refunds. Love handles included. Best offer.


  1. Is this like EBay where you can ask the seller a question before making an offer?

    If so, I'd like to know if by purchasing this, we'd be trading what you have to offer for what we already have. Meaning that what I have would disappear, and would be replaced by the one I got from you. If so, name your price, that one is MINE.


  2. Hehehe I like JD's offer... i'll gladly trade you! Of course mine comes witha 16 week pregnancy belly! ;)

  3. gosh, no kidding! If you have any takers and others apply, send them my way!


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