Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Photo Contest!

In total immitation (with a spin) I'm gonna have us a "Name that Photo Contest"! In a very MckMamaish way, let's play for a fun prize! We're big on "board game night" in our family and we also enjoy the prize at stake is your choice of one of our favorite board games, "Apples to Apples" (or the Junior version, if you so wish...or, if you already have that game, a different fun game...I'm easy. Ah, you know, easy like, "easy to please" or "easy to work with"...that kind of easy. Sheesh!) or a set of our favorite board books, by Sandra Boynton! Now, let the games begin!

Tiny Girl found herself in possesion of her daddy's old cell phone...and, somehow, she knew just what to do with it! I loved hearing her little baby babble, with some coherent words thrown in here and there: "Hi, Daddy! Dikka, dikky...puppy!" and a few giggles tossed in for good measure!

By the looks of these photos, she sure seems to have been having quite the conversation with someone...if this is any indication on how she will handle future boyfriends, then I can rest assured that this girl will be able to hold her own (yeah, like I had any doubt in the first place!).



"Why, you dirty, rotten..."

And, now, for the contest part! I want you to tell me what Tiny Girl is saying to the poor soul on the other end in this photo!

The one with the cutest, wittiest, craziest caption wins! Contest ends at 12 noon, Central Standard Time on Friday. Good luck!

Comments now closed! Stay tuned for the winner!!



    I SAID I need changed.

    Daddeeeeeee!! Are you there yet?

  2. But I'm the princess! You don't tell the princess to calm down! When will you people learn?

  3. Hey Friend maybe your mommy could bring you over for a date you know eat a few gold fish, drool on some toys, maybe pull eachothers hair a couple times, sounds like a date.

  4. Seriously?!?! You're a registered democrat?!?! You are the weakest link. Good-bye.

  5. "I saaaaaaid... I'm much MORE than a Princess, okaaaaaay??? They just haven't invented a strong enough word for it yet!"

  6. "Who the heck do you think you are talking to me like that!" (click)

    great pics.

  7. "I won. I won".
    "Mommy I WON!"

    Mommy to six soon to be seven!

  8. "Who? Oh no, Daddy's not here. Did I mention I can sing?

    HaaaaalleLUJAH! HaaaaaleLUJAH! Hallelujah, hallelujah, HaaalleeEEluJAH!"


  9. Mom...what's "Tokyo" and "pro-rated minute charge" mean?

  10. I gotta go, I will text you later. Thanks for talking to me, I've never had a friend call collect before. It was fun.

  11. I told you already, my dad said I'm not allowed to date until I'm 30.

  12. No way! That thing talked back to me! Mama, did you hear it? There's somebody in there!

  13. Well, you can just forget about that!!! (she says with hand on hip)
    Tammy B.

  14. wow, look at what the "charge" from this phone does to my hair.

  15. Oh my word, MckNugget went swimming with out his shorts?!?!?! Small Fry you have got to tell me more!!!

  16. Give me cookies and candy and no one gets hurt.

  17. 'Phone Home'

    ~Found your blog over at MckMammas.....Very cute pics.

  18. Um, yes, I need to find out how to get my hair to lay flat and smooth? Can you please direct me to a baby hair stylist?

    She is so precious!

  19. Have the pizzas here by 5 and nobody gets hurt!



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