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The North Shore (and Orren Emu)!

Ahhh, it's good to be home! A quick trip up North for a "Reunion Road Trip" with Tara and her son (we'll call him 'Tigger'--a throw back to the days of old!)...a whopping 36 hours...and countless memories!

The boys started our trip a little camera shy...(couldn't even get 'em to look our way!)
but by the end of the trip, they were hams for the cams! Posing with monkeys and under goofy signs!! (Look closely at what that sign says!)
Oh, and the "Orren Emu" mentioned in the title? Well, turns out Tara had a super fun iPod playlist for us to enjoy on the way up...songs to reminisce of the days gone past (think "Veggie Tales")...and a fave..."If I had $1,000,000". All of us were randomly spewing out verses from this Barenaked Ladies song as we traversed along Lake Superior. We were visiting Split Rock Lighthouse when Tara says, "Wouldn't it be great if there were a man named 'Orren Emu'?" and I thought (say this in a whisperyish voice to yourself to get the full effect) "Wow. That's weird and random" but said out loud, "Uh huh. Yup, sure!!" Fast forward, oh, say, about 3 hours...I was singing (very loudly and off key) to myself "...I'd buy you an exotic pet. Yup, like a llama, or an emu!" When I stopped mid step (nearly tripping over my own two feet) and doubled over in laughter..."Oh, I get it now!! Orren Emu!!! Or an Emu!!" Uh, yeah...joke's on me now!!!
So, between that, fantastic friends, great food, stinky teenager gas:

...gorgeous scenery (Gooseberry Falls):
...and the uber thrilling and enchanting Glensheen Mansion, site of a double murder and a beautiful estate (bummer, and double bummer, I didn't have my camera at the time!!!)...we had a weekend to remember! Plans are underway for an autumn visit to Glensheen for a "flashlight" tour...spooky and soooo exciting!!

In the meantime, we have plenty of "inside jokes" (room keys, "special bologna", Mad Libs) to keep us going 'til the next "Reunion Road Trip"!! But man, it is good to be home!!


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