Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Nothin' Better...

Nothin' better than:

Chubby baby cheeks, newborn baby smell, a surprise hug from the man you love, random silliness, a great laugh, an even better cry, the smell of fresh rain, warm sun on your cheeks, swimming under water in a lake, a bugfree campfire, an occasional girl's night out, a best friend, your mom, your grandma, your kiddo's "I love you, Mom", baseball chatter, Bomb Pops, Sour Patch Kids, the miracle of birth, witnessing the awe of that miracle, prayer, your dad, your grandpa, crazy brothers, a great pair of new shoes, the song "Jack and Diane", a great book, a new haircut, the first snow, the smell of spring, the sight of autumn, date night, realizing you have helped create some pretty fantastic kids, life and life itself.


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