Friday, June 26, 2009

We have ourselves a winner!!

Holy funny comments!! I soooo enjoyed reading's the choosing that was difficult!! And, um, you know how fabulous I am at making decisions...ahem. So, anyway, here we go!!

And the winner is (drumroll please....):

"Oh my word, MckNugget went swimming with out his shorts?!?!?! Small Fry you have got to tell me more!!!" by The Silva's (contact me via the e-mail link on the right to claim your prize!!)

I could not contain the giggle that escaped me every time I read that...for those of you unfamiliar with MckMama ( there anybody unfamiliar with her?)...check out what that caption is referencing here!

And I can't help but mention second and third place as well (sorry, no prize...wish I could, but, alas, I need to feed my children, not pay for prizes!!):

"Seriously?!?! You're a registered democrat?!?! You are the weakest link. Good-bye." by Sandy Hop (big giggles from this entry too...staunch Republicans in this household!!)

"But I'm the princess! You don't tell the princess to calm down! When will you people learn?" by Emily (Tiny Girl's personality to a 'T'!!)

I, seriously, seriously, loved all of the entries...they were great! There were 20 entries (19 comments, 1 via e-mail)...thanks so much for participating! Who doesn't love a fun contest?

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