Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Where'd the time go?

Once upon a time, in an era that preceded digital cameras, there was a young girl, who had a sweet baby boy. That young girl took that baby boy to college with her to make a better life for them. At college, the young girl and her sweet baby boy were blessed enough to be "forced" to live with another young girl and her equally sweet baby boy...and the rest, my friends, is history!

10 years...10 stinkin' years ago I graduated from college. Why does it seem like just yesterday, and yet, a lifetime away all at the same time? Man, time really does fly when you're raising a houseful of crazy kiddos having fun!

Come Friday (at "Reunion"), Tara and I will be partying with Boogie Wonderland, a throw back to a night I'd just as soon forget (but know she'll never let me live it down!)! This is she and I at our last night out together. We all know how that night turned out...ahem.

And (oh, my gosh, they'll kill me if they see this) here's our boys recently:

Wrestling in their footy jammies (a.k.a "walkin' feets" around this household!), another throwback to old times! They were just wee lil' lads when they first met...look at 'em now, fighting like brothers (in footy jammies). It's great!

And about those two young girls? Well, they aren't so young anymore, and those sweet baby boys? We often catch a glimmer of them somewhere in those great big boys! Here's to our North Shore Reunion Roadtrip, 2009!!!


  1. M--you just made me cry! It's been 10 great years and I am SO GLAD they forced us to live together!
    AND, we totally need some better pictures of you and I (well mainly of me :) --that will be one of our missions on our Northshore reunion!!

    love you!

  2. ooooh . . and your Big A and my Big A are going to kill you for posting those on here! Well, better than on Facebook like I did :) lol!!


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