Thursday, June 11, 2009

And the Winner Is...

Without further ado, I announce to you my choice for the "Wonderfulest Mr. Wonderful"!!

Okay, well wait...let me first preface this by saying you ALL have the Most Wonderful Mr. Wonderful's, but since I can't shell out 50 bucks worth of gifts to you all (and believe me, I wish I could, you all deserve it!)...I guess I just have to pick one!

So, really now, here's my choice for "Mr. Wonderfulest":

It is Sunshine Mama and her fabulously generous Mr. Wonderful who will sometimes pay for the groceries of the person in front of him in line, buy a military officer his meal to thank him for his service and who (don't tell my Mr. Wonderful) needs to come to my house to fix our toilet! And he sounds darn romantic to boot! Contact me through the email link and I'll getcha your goods!

Let my tell you, also, about Ethel's Mr. Wonderful! He selflessly gave up a job he loved to take a different job that allowed her to stay home with their children and help care for their son who is afflicted with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (and he even uses vacation time for her Girl's Weekend!!).

Then there's Anrazel, whose Mr. Wonderful takes long walks with her to have deep talks, loves his baby boy and his "baby girl", and who taught her the art of a lively debate.

Cathy's story was near and dear to my heart. They lived through every parent's worst nightmare when they lost their son to cancer, 11 months after diagnosis. Her Mr. Wonderful organizes a golf tournament for the Ronald MacDonald house as a fundraiser, to show their gratitude and appreciation for the housing and support they received when their son was hospitalized. A great friend of mine relied on the Ronald MacDonald house when her son nearly lost his battle with GBS sepsis (Group Beta Strep) as a newborn, so Cathy and Mr. Wonderful, thank you!

Another story broke my heart; it was that of Stephanie, who lost a child one day, and welcomed another the next. I cannot even begin to imagine the spectrum of emotions she experienced. Her Mr. Wonderful stepped up and took over cares of their newborn daughter for 5 days while Stephanie was making funeral arrangements.

Rebekah should be the poster child for Internet Dating! After meeting online, she and her Mr. Wonderful are about to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary! Story goes that he gives the best piggy-back rides know to man child, lights up when he sees his pregnant wife's freshly "popped" baby bump, and even plays dress up!

The Links is a newlywed whose Mr. Wonderful is kind, honest and will someday make a great father.

Christina received a birthday gift not many of us can say we've ever received...12 years ago she received her "Mr. Wonderful"! She was married on her birthday...lucky girl! Her Mr. Wonderful is a hard-worker who will pitch in to help around the house, even after a long day at work!

And last, but certainly, not least is Sandy, whose self-employed Mr. Wonderful works long hours to "bring home the bacon", and he is a great example of a Mr. Wonderful to their sons.

Well, there it is ladies, job well terrifically done! The stories that aren't linked can be read in the comments of my Mr. Wonderful Contest post or in the comments here. Thank you ALL so much for participating! I thoroughly enjoyed reading all of the Mr. Wonderful entries, and hope to have another giveaway soon!


  1. Wow - great stories! I also have a Mr. Wonderful but didn't learn about the contest/deadline until it was almost up. Thankfully, though, Ethel represented us well with her own Mr. W :)

    Will be keeping up a bit better now!


  2. Congrats, winners!!!

    Even though I was last, but not least...I was saving my mo-jo for today when I could publish an awesome tribute to my husband. Please check it out at


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