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Coronavirus. Minnesota. May 6.

The grass in green, the trees are budding, the sun is shining and life keep chugging along. Our Governor extended the “stay home” order until May 18th, but I feel that the natives are getting restless. There are so many people out at stores and I’ve even see traffic change over the last couple of weeks, it’s as if people are saying “okay, enough now” with their actions.

Lots of people wearing masks in stores, but the toilet paper is back in stock! Yay! Unfortunately now, ziplock bags have taken a hit and it always seems I’m late to the game and in need of whatever the rest of the world decided to stock up on, so I had to settle for my “not favorite” brand of ziplock bags. (First world problems, I KNOW.)

After reaching a low of $1.34/gallon, it seems as if gas prices are rebounding, up as high as $1.79/gallon (seems weird to think that that is “high”!) in some places!

Our farmers, especially pig farmers, are in a bind. Many processing plants have had COVID outbreaks and had to shut down, leaving some farmers with no option but to euthanize their herd (do you call a group of pigs a herd?). Butcher shops are completely booked for the foreseeable future, and some farms have set up make-shift DIY butchering stations on their farmers if people want to come do it themselves. (This is where I tap out. Nope, not gonna do it.) Meat is tough to find in stores as well and Sam’s Club and Costco are limiting shoppers to one package of chicken/pork per shopper.

OH!! And the big news now are these mutant hornets that have been found in the US. And the memes about them are hilarious!!

Oh my gosh, I laughed so hard at those!

In random news, I decided to host a Pamper Chef party and was ASTOUNDED at how many people purchased! It was a great “quarantine” activity and now I have a bunch of new Pampered Chef stuff coming my way! Yahoo!!

We are still participating in masses online...and every time we live stream a mass from our own parish, I get misty eyed. I have such a longing to be back there! The good news is that churches now have some limited availability for adoration/prayer time...I am hoping to stop in tomorrow and just spend a little time with our Lord! 

The kids will be done with school work next Friday, and then summer vacation will officially kick off!! Although...I kinda feel like summer vacation stared in mid-March! 🤣 

Ellie’s Senior end of year activities kicked off tonight with a live streamed Honor’s week is Scholarship night then the seniors will be honored with a special day where the do a “drive thru” end of year round up! Yearbooks! Grad Bash prizes! Caps and Gowns! Scholarships! It’s a one stop shop and we just drive up and get Ellie’s stuff! Bittersweet for sure.

Today two fighter jets did fly overs at a number of hospitals/health care facilities in was such a weirdly emotional moment for me, seeing those two jets and hearing the roar of their engines and knowing it was in support of healthcare workers. I feel a little “weird” about being lumped in with the healthcare heroes...I am so far removed from the front lines, that I always want to make it clear that THEY are the real heroes. The ones who truly deserve the accolades.

To be continued...


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