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Life: An Update

Oh, my friends. So much has happened since that last snowy post in April!! First of all, SPRING CAME!!! Yahoo!! Dare I even say, SUMMER CAME!! (And, possibly went, too, but that is still left to be determined!)

We Minnesotan's like to joke "I hope summer falls on a weekend this year". Thankfully, it appears to have done just that...with temps in the 90ºs on Memorial Day weekend. Now, we're a cool low 70ºs...blech. Gimme the heat, man! (I promise my husband isn't a grumpy guy...he just doesn't like to smile for the camera!)

Anyway, life is plugging along, as it usually does with the days flying by and me wondering where on earth the time is going. We have just about 2 weeks of summer vacation under our belts and I'm perplexed at how I now have one kid grown and raised and graduated from college, one high school junior, a freshman, a 7th grader and a 5th grader. If anyone can tell me where the last 10 years went, that'd be great. 😳

My sweet big girl attended her first prom and gracious did she look gorgeous! She had such a blast getting all glammed up for prom and it was so fun to just see the joy in her heart with having such a fun day.

As I mentioned above (also, please see photo above...he is more "camera averse" than my husband), my biggest kid is (mostly) officially "all grown up". He graduated from college in December and is still on the hunt for his "thing". That's the tough thing about business's not always easy to narrow down the vast array of jobs that are out there to something that fits well!

Then there's this kid:

Who seemed to suddenly grow into a man-child overnight. He is tall and broad and has a smile that will win over the coldest of hearts...or, his mama's annoyed heart when he pushes her buttons just one too many times! Goofball really knows how to push those buttons, too! And that hair...he works hard to have those flippy wings under his hat!

Our two youngest are just pluggin' along little guy tried Track and Field this year (rather than baseball) and absolutely loved it! Never a complaint about going to practice and enjoyed every second of the (short...see previous post 😜) season. And, my Baby Girl is still my sidekick. Content to come with me to everything...chiropractor appointments, grocery shopping, whatever it may be, she's happy to just tag along. This girl LOVES her ballet too!

The hubs and I are just holding on for dear life as time flies by with lightening speed. We can't believe that our babies are so big and we scratch our heads in wonder at: 1. how did we get so old and 2. how did our KIDS get so old???? I think it's safe to say we both feel like we should still be in the throes of sleepless nights and diapers and potty training and Target temper tantrums.

Young mom's look at me strangely when I say I miss those days. Sweet Young Mamas, listen to me when I say I would trade temper tantrums for teenage woes ANY SINGLE DAY. Everything is just SO MUCH HEAVIER when they are teenagers. Hurt feelings and driving and grades and managing busy schedules and jobs and boy/girl friends and OH MY LORD GIMME A BABY WITH AN EAR INFECTION OVER THIS PLEASE! 

I'm kidding. 


Teenagers are awesome and wonderful and one minute you're worried sick about them and the next they knock your socks off with their resilience and accomplishments and your tears of worry turn into tears of joy and relief and pride.

We will survive this, Middle-aged Mamas, we will survive.

Now, I'm off to enjoy this glorious Minnesota night with my (growing) babies!


  1. Wow! That prom dress is awesome! Best one I've seen yet! I'm not a middle-aged mama, unless you're just talking about age and then, I think I'm beyond being middle-aged :) I'll be 50 in two years :) However, my son is only 5 years old and I already feel that time is flying. I love reading your blog!

  2. So happy to see an update! :) Glad everyone is doing well! My sister just moved to Minnesota. She is in Bemidji, working with Americorps on the Red Lake Reservation. She said it's beautiful there now but she is nervous about the winter!


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