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Stitch Fix Review: 5.0 and 6.0

Long time no see, eh?!

So, let's talk Stitch Fix. I was IN LOVE with it when I put it on hold back in November. I dreamed of my next fix and the beauties I would receive, so when I was faced with a wardrobe debacle for an event I was helping to plan, I did what any good and level headed woman would do...I moved up my "Birthday Fix" to accommodate my need for something to wear to the "Big Event". I asked for "cute and trendy" and as soon as I got that email that sends thrills to every Stitch Fix addict ("Your Stitch Fix is On Its Way!") I peeked at what was coming as quickly as I could...and was met with a deep and painful disappointment. BUT, I tried keeping an open mind, knowing that some fixes look disappointing on paper but turn out to be pretty amazing in person. Well, let's just say my disappointment was warranted. That fix was a total bust (I mean, c' can a sweater named "Klyde" ever have a chance?!). I don't even have any pictures from that fix, I was that disappointed in it (but Google "Klyde sweater", just so you can have a good laugh, too). 

So, of course I scheduled myself a "redo" fix...brushing up my note and trying not to be too vague with my requests (heck, I even took it to Facebook to ask the Sticth Fix group their thoughts on my note). What transpired was a fix that was slightly better than the previous one, but still not great. Here is what I received:

My stylist suggested this pairing. Um. No. Scarf: Sammie...just okay, but bulky and made me feel a bit claustrophobic.
Pants: Liverpool...great. Awesome. Fab. BUT...I received a Maurice's pair that were, essentially, identical to these, for Christmas (and a fraction of the cost).
Sweater: Does it matter? Gross. After my comments/feedback regarding the ill fated Klyde from the prior fix, I was sad to receive Klyde's evil twin. Itchy. Blocky. Not at all my style.

Shirt: Papermoon. Nice. Probably my second fave...but a little too flowy for my taste. After gestating 5 children, I have developed an aversion to "flowy", as I lived in maternity clothing for a lot of months of my life. But I found someone who loved it and so, she is happy about her shirt and I'm happy that I didn't lose my styling fee. Win/win.

Cardigan: 41Hawthorn. Just...meh. Color was nice, different from my usual, but the material was kind of cheap and the arms hung weird and it was just not something I loved. 

And so, that made 2 "oh for fives" in a row...and thus, my infatuation with Sticth Fix has come to a bitter end. I'm grateful for them pushing me to step outside my box and discovering that I can, indeed, dress myself with some fun finds. Thankfully, our local mall has some cute boutique-y stores that have a plethora of fun, trendy, funky finds!

Stitch Fix, it's been fun, but we're done for awhile. Time for a break. It's not you, it's me...can we still be friends?


  1. Oh my gosh, you're so high maintenance! Picky, picky, picky!!
    I happen to think you looked great in all the outfits and I love your hair!


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