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It's been 12 days since my last post...TWELVE!! (There once was a time in the history of this blog that that would've been a sin! Blasphemy! TWELVE DAYS WITHOUT A POST?! Gah.) And guys...this project is really coming together!!

Our flooring is (mostly) in...thanks to the help of some amazing friends who persisted in asking us if we needed help (we did) and more amazing friends who showed up day after day to see this through. We are blessed and thankful for these people in our lives (and NOT just because they help us...they are all incredible friends that we cherish!).

Part of my purpose in blogging this is so that we can look back and remember the pain and agony we went through if we ever decide to do any major renovation again. Which, I'll be honest, there's not a whole lot left in our house to renovate! (We sorta did it all with this one!)

The last time we "talked" I had left you with some before and "during" photos...and while we aren't quite to the FINISHED photos, I do have some that give a good glimpse into what this will be like when it's done!

First up, the flooring. Oh sweet mother of Jesus, the flooring. 

I am head over heels in love with it. It is "Asian Blonde Walnut" (or Acacia) and the rustic look of the variable colors is EXACTLY what I was looking for! And BONUS: It's harder than oak! Just what we needed with these hooligans running through our house!

Next, the paint. I had picked two colors for our as an "accent" and the other for the rest of the house. My Gram saw the main color and suggested that perhaps it was a bit dark. Now, I love me some pigment in my paint...but when we got it up on all the walls, I realized my kitchen was going to be pretty darn dark with the cabinets, counters, floors and paint. Gram was right. So, approximately three days after we painted the whole house (another shout out of thanks to my sister-in-law and parents for going gang busters with us to paint ALL THE WALLS!), I insisted on changing the color in the kitchen.

My husband loves me. I have totally embraced the "high maintenance" title with this project. I want it done and I want it done right! (See above flooring photo for "accent" color...and original dark color!)

Anyway, going light was the right decision. I want our (GORGEOUS!!!) cabinets to be showcased, not to blend in, and the color on the walls lets them shine!

Speaking of cabinets...holy moly. I am in love with them. I'm pretty sure we drove our cabinet guy bonkers, with our "we want them knotty" request (I'm discovering that cabinet makers must be perfectionists and want the wood clear and free from any knots. Cracks. Variations. Which is EXACTLY what we WANTED!)

Maple. Knotty. In fact, we probably would've even gone with MORE knots, but I'm still (very) happy with what we've got! 

Next up: Installing doors and windows, IF they ever come in (I'm looking at YOU, Home Depot), finishing flooring, and deciding what to do for shelving in our pantry. It'll have to be "custom" something, no prefabbed metal racks from Costco, because we have a window in our pantry that we have to work around. Any suggestions? What do YOU have for shelving in your pantry? Ideas? Thoughts?

Also, speaking of those prefabbed shelving units...can they be cut down and re-soldered (welded?)? That IS what I wanted in our entry closet, but I need a 45" unit and guess what? It doesn't come in that size. And 36" is too small. Help.

As we speak, the "granite guy" is doing the "field measure" for our counters...which will be installed next Friday. Good gracious, I don't know if I can wait that long!! I'm so ready to have my house back...and back BETTER than it ever was!

Looking forward to sharing the "AFTER" photos with you soon!! Eeeeek! Yay!!! Hooray! Yippee!!!!!


  1. Looks amazing. Great job on the remodel.

  2. I love the Acacia, looks good. Take care, a break is good for perspective and a beautiful home in your case. Take care.


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