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"That Cry".

If you're a mom, you know exactly what someone's talking about when they refers\ to their child having "that cry"...the one where you know "oh crap. THIS is legit.".

Yeah, "that cry". (You're all nodding your heads in agreement now, aren'tcha?)

Sunday afternoon we were at Belle's piano recital...enjoying some refreshments afterward and chatting with my grandparents and fellow piano parents when, from across the room, I hear "that cry".

My head snapped up and my eyes locked upon my baby girl, by the refreshment table, with the Mr. tending to her. I began a brisk walk toward the table when I realized what was happening...spilled coffee, crying girl, hubby frantically wiping at her arm and my brink walk became a full out run.

I got to her side to find her sleeve pulled up and a big area on her arm that had already blistered (well, technically it had that "melted skin" look to it) and my first reaction was to start barking out orders. "We need water!" "Where's the bathroom?" "Stop wiping!!" "Get her shirt off!!" WHERE'S THE BATHROOM??????" All while ushering my sweet, sobbing girl down the hall.

We got to the women's bathroom and got her arm under cool water (yes, the Mr. did indeed join me in the women's bathroom...along with a gobsmack of other people that had followed us down the hall) and I was assessing the damage...arm bright red, only blistered area was the initial one I saw but it was big. And my poor girl...she was in so much pain. :(

I think I've mentioned it before, but my nursing skills go right out the window when it comes to my own kids. Gimme someone else's kid and I'm all cool, calm and collected...but my own? Nah. I was fighting tears and debating the ER and shaking like a leaf.

There happened to be a wheelchair in the bathroom, so I had my sweet Gram turn it around so I could sit and hold my girl and then I asked the Mr. to go grab my friend/fellow piano mom/fellow nurse so that I could have a "neutral" source help me process my thoughts.

She came, we talked ER for pain control, loaded up in the van and I called our pediatrician. God bless that woman. She so very calmly listened to my worry and my requests and we talked about what to watch for. She called in some prescriptions and warned me that "tonight might not be good".

I'm so pleased to tell you that my sweet girl is doing so well! Very little pain (which I know, in the world of burns isn't always a good thing, but I think in Baby Girl's case, it is), good sleep and no difficulties with dressing changes! So far so good!

We're just thankful it wasn't worse...not on her face or hands. Not requiring an ER visit. We go to see the doctor on Wednesday, just for some follow-up, but as of now, things look good!

Two things that a mom hates experiencing: 1. "That cry" and 2. Their kiddo in awful pain.


  1. Oh my gosh, you made ME want to cry! I'm glad she's doing well and not in pain today.

  2. Yikes!! So painful. Hugs! I'm a mess with all emergencies...but my kids? A disaster. Good Job mama!

  3. Oh man! I know exactly how you feel!

    When my boy was seven he bumped into a coffee dispenser and burned three inches of his arm with hot coffee. His response was to suck in air and stop breathing for a few seconds and grab the burn with his other hand. I didn't even know he had done it until he finally wailed but that was the same time his cousin was frantically tapping at my arm to tell me. We had to remove his shirt too and find some cool water quick. Thankfully he had no scars but was definitely in pain for almost a week! And yes, I was most thankful too that it was his arm and not his face!

  4. Aww bless her dear little heart. Glad she is doing well and I am praying for a speedy recovery. I know burns can be horrendous, sounds like she's being a brave little trouper.


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