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Not Usually My Platform...

Okay, so Minnesotans, I have two words for you...SERIOUSLY??!!! (well, that's just one, but it'll do)

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Al Franken? We are already portrayed as a bunch of frozen imbeciles by the media, then we have to go and prove them right?! I am (honestly) probably the most "apolitical" person I know, I hate politics. Loathe them. But this is enough to make even me get verbal!!

Back as an uninformed, 'cool' college student I did something bad (and no, it doesn't have to do with inhaling). I voted for Jesse Ventura. Yup, I'll admit it. Thought it'd be cool for good ol' MN to be represented by someone famous. Well, guess what? BAD DECISION!!! However, I learned my lesson...something, apparently, many other Minnesotans did not. Or perhaps they forgot how bad it truly was. Hollywood and politics don't mix. In my opinion, celebrities are a bunch of misinformed, uneducated idiots. Their job is to entertain us, not lead us and make decisions on our behalf.

Al Fraken is a comedian, a very raunchy, comedian. His job is to make us laugh, not make votes that affect our lives. The fact that MN has voted him into the Senate scares me. I am frightened for our future and what decisions will be made that will affect our lives. Maybe he will prove me wrong, but I'm guessing that come next voting season, a lot of people will be saying "Wow, I won't do that again." And that maybe, just maybe, MN will be smarter the next time a celebrity runs for office (well, maybe I would consider George Clooney...).

So fellow Minnesotans, this is not Stuart Smalley signing off, but I am hoping that Franken is "good enough, smart enough, and doggonit people" (will stop liking him)!


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