Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Story goes that I try to post my "In the Kitchen with Gram" posts on Tuesday, which was my intention this week, then my Internet mooned me and ran away laughing, leaving me unable to upload more than a couple photos.

So, I figured I'd try again the next evening...and then I discovered that my Internet was giving me the finger and refusing to play nice with Blogger. Actually, I can't be certain that BOTH my internet AND Blogger weren't giving me the finger.

Now that I think about it, I think they both were...and sticking their thumbs in their ears whilst waggling their fingers at me.


Anyway, here's some randomness for your Wednesday evening...

Turns out Potter Barn liked this photo I took...they pinned it and then I discovered that they pinned it and then I pooped my pants. I'm sorry if I stunk it all up in here.

Worked today (and tomorrow and Friday) in our brand spankin' new unit that we just moved into! Gorgeous.

It feels like it's eleventy billion degrees outside. And double that INside. But (c'mon MinneSOOOOtans, say it with me...) it's not the heat, it's the humidity! Seriously. It's only in the 80's but the humidity is sitting somewhere around 4,000%. It's true, even ask Sven Sundgaard.

In other news, I am beyond thrilled to be looking toward a weekend of fun in the sun with my best bud, Dr. J.! 

So, that about wraps up my randomness...I think I want a DQ. Oh, wait! I guess I had one last bit of randomness left in me! But now that's it. For real.

Tomorrow...I PROMISE Gram's Egg Rolls will be posted!!

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  1. I wish I could stay inside and not move. I cannot stand the heat or humidity. drives me batty. Can't wait to see the egg rolls


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