Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The 4th Annual "Mr. Wonderfulest Contest"!

From the inception of this blog...when it was just a wee couple of months old, I have hosted an annual "Mr. Wonderfulest Contest" and I am letting you know that this year is no exception!

I KNOW we all have some pretty terrific Father's in our lives, whether that Father is our husband or our own dad or a brother or an uncle, or heck, even a neighbor you look up to, and they all deserve to be celebrated!

I also know that many of us write "tributes" to the Father's in our lives in honor of Father's Day, and that is where this contest comes into play! 

Edited to add: All you need to do is write a post, like you normally do, for a special Father in your life, whether it be single word bullet points, a paragraph or two, or a novel-length post, and link it up when the linky opens! Then, call on all of your friends, family, neighbors, brother's girlfriend's aunt's cousin's daughter, whomever it takes to start voting for you! (There will be a "Like" option next to your post title in the linky list.)

Your "Mr. Wonderful" can be here on earth with us, or in Heaven! Either qualify!

Beginning on Friday evening, I will "open" the official "Mr. Wonderfulest 2012" post, which will have a linky submission link in it where you can link your post. If you've never linked a post before and have questions, please don't hesitate to contact me! I'm happy to help you!

Like last year, this year's contest will be based upon a "voting" criteria (with final judgement by me...i.e. if you write a post about your cat and get all your cat loving community friends to vote for you and wind up with the most votes, I'll nix it in favor of the second most vote earning post about a father. Not a cat.).

Voting will last all week, with the contest closing on June 24th at 10 pm (Central Time). The winner will receive a $100 Visa Gift card sponsored by...ME! 

Now...any ideas for a "badge" for this contest? I'd say it's high time we get one... ;)


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  2. Can the father be in Heaven or does he have to be alive?

  3. LOVE IT!! I am entering my husband...hopefully hot abs count for extra credit! bahahaha


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