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In The Kitchen With Gram...Bean Burgers!

Gosh...I guess I don't know the "real" name of these sandwiches, so I just made one up!

How's that for wingin' it? ;) (Side note...if the word "fart" offends you, please look away. My husband and I took to calling these "Fart Bombs" because the beans and the cabbage in them...well, ah...kinda increases the flatulence in this household after consumption!)

This recipe came from someone on the East Coast (is that right, Gram?) who came from a poor, large family that had to scrape by...they came up with a recipe similar to this to make a pound of hamburger stretch farther for their big family!

And, it's yummy!

Also, I'm going to try something here...less photos, just trying show you the "important" things...not so much of seasoning this and step by step that okay with you? We'll see how it goes, if you like seeing raw meat get seasoned, then by all means, speak up! ;), these "burgers" are very delicious...but we all agreed that nothing beats a good ol' sloppy joe, so don't consider this a replacement for them, but rather, an added meal to your menu repertoire! 

Let's get busy.

First, brown your hamburger along with the onion. I was pretty surprised by how much onion was actually in these bad boys! (Finely minced btw...)

Let us first take a moment and observe the demise of the mincer of all things fine...the "Li'l Oskar". 

RIP poor Oskar...I don't understand why they don't make you anymore.

Moving on. Find a cute little pair of hands eager to help "cook" and set them to work crumbing bacon.

Now, after your burger is browned, dump in the beans, onion soup mix, vinegar, brown sugar, Karo syrup and BACON! Man, do I love bacon. Bacon makes the world go round. Bacon, it's the new black.

Wait. Huh?

And that's it!! Just let these bad boys simmer a bit, then when you are ready, toast yourselves some buns...don't do as we did and get them too dark! Just a little toasted, is all!

Then, put on some of the bean/burger mixture, top with shredded cabbage (Gram and I also talked about how coleslaw would be delicious on these!) and voila. A new, quick and easy supper to add to your "Make in a hurry" list!

Gram's Bean Burgers

1 lb ground beef
1 medium onion, finely minced
1 package onion soup mix

1 can Pork and Beans
6 strips bacon, cooked and crumbled
2 T cider vinegar
2 T dark Karo syrup
3 T brown sugar
1 package shredded cabbage/coleslaw mix

Brown beef and onion together. Add remaining ingredients and simmer 10-20 minutes. Place on toasted buns and top with shredded cabbage (or coleslaw!) and enjoy!

Try Gram's Potato Salad as a side dish!


  1. Sounds really yummy but, what kind of beans and how much?

  2. Sounds delicious, but I would have liked another picture or two. Not a million, just 1 or 2 more.

  3. those look yummy! but i'm sorry... i can't stop giggling at the charcoaled buns.. totally something i would do! lol

  4. Looks yummy - have PDF'd the recipe into our Recipe folder, with a note re substitutes for karo syrup which I'm not sure we can get (easily) down here) - I suspect that pancake syrup will sub nicely...

    It's a shame about poor Mr Oskar - it's always the way with the best tools in the kitchen - way more so than in the garage...all the best for interviewing and selecting a replacement.


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