Thursday, June 14, 2012

Real Time...

In "real time" this is what my life looks like:

One child playing his iPhone...with a great big, fat, "duck lip". (I try not to laugh...)

One playing his iPod.

One girl vacuuming the living room after being told to several times.

One boy wandering around the kitchen, doing what? I'm not sure.

One little girl, in piggy tails and *gah* bangs, sitting beside me yelling into her play microphone.


The noise? Deafening.

Kids yelling over the vacuum.

I just told the kitchen wanderer to pick up the hallway...which is his daily job but for some reason, he still needs to be told 1,234,864,732,372 times. But I still love him.

Big sister bossing kitchen wanderer around because he didn't do his job according to her specifications.

She just called him "sassy pants".

And now I'm grinning and laughing inside.

I'm realizing I've never told you about my sock solution. You know, besides going sockless.'s Five Question Friday tomorrow...any question suggestions for me?

Later dudes...I'm off to bring my big girl to her "job" and my little boy to a birthday party.

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