Monday, June 4, 2012

So Proud.

My heart is simultaneously bursting with pride and crying. Crying because time is moving soooooo fast!

I know I keep saying it...but mama's of wee babes that are keeping you up at night? Soak up those snuggles. Enjoy that extra time with your babies because before you know it...they're all dressed up and headed off to their first "real" job, in a tie they tied all by themselves.

So proud of this kiddo. He is an incredible young man who is going places in life.

Going places in life and leaving his mama behind.


Hold me.


  1. Congratulations! Our oldest granddaughter just graduated from Grade 8 and we miss the loittle girl she was.

  2. Awww mama. My middle will be 'graduating' from 5th grade tomorrow. Sniff. Your boy is handsome. And I love his Twins lanyard ;-) -PeazyT

  3. Thanks for that reminder....I have a freshly 3 week old little babe keeping me up all night and it's hard to remember that this time will become a distant memory. I think I'll smother him with sweet kisses instead of grumbling that I'm up to feed him for the 5th time. :)

    And congratulations to your son on his first job! How exciting for him!

    Mama Hauck

  4. Congrats to him on getting a job! I'm sure he'll do great with it.


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