Monday, June 11, 2012

Oh yes, she DID.

Once upon a time, approximately 5 years ago, when I (mistakenly) thought our family was done, I booked a session for family photos. I imagined big, beautiful photos on our walls...capturing our children when they were still young.

Then, a certain "someone" decided to make her presence be way of a positive pregnancy test the day before the family photos (and we all know how well that went). So, all the while we were getting our photos taken, I could only think, "And they're already outdated." as I thought about the little life growing inside me.

Those photos? They turned out amazing...even though a certain "someone" decided to throw a wrench into our plans.

Now that that "certain someone" is a bit older, I decided it's high time we go for those family photos again. I have a sweet friend who is an AMAZING photographer (Lisa Sherwood Photography...and when I say "amazing" I mean absolutely, positively outstanding.) and who I knew HAD to be the one to take our family's photos.

The night before the session, I come home from work, hear Baby Girl starting to get upset about something, so I go into her room and gather her from her bed just as Belle wakes up says, "MOM! Baby cut her hair!!!!" and sure enough...*stomach, meet floor* there, laying across her forehead, was a clump of bangs that didn't exist when I left for work earlier that day.

Baby promptly buried her head in my shoulder so I really couldn't see what the damage was, but the first thing I thought, "THE PHOTO SESSION!!!!!" and smacked my head, certain the little stinker had, once again, thrown a wrench into our family photos.

But the next morning, when I was expecting this:

(Courtesy Google Image)

I woke up to this:

Hmmmm...actually, I'm not sure I could've done a better job myself!

Nearly everyone who has seen them has said something along the lines of, "Wow! They did a great job of fixing it!", to which I reply, "Oh. No...there was NO fixing. That is ENTIRELY her own hair cut."

So, yeah. Pretty sure I can sign her up for beauty school in the fall.

Thankfully, the bangs are long enough to pin, she still looks like "Baby" and not a "banged" impostor!

Side note: I have a very strong, very unbudging aversion to bangs, brought on by a childhood of too heavy bangs and the teenage angst I experienced whilst growing them out.

Another side note: There is also a chunk of hair cut about chin level, which blends in nicely and Belle said, "Hmmmm...she must've wanted some face-framing.", and then we promptly fell on the floor in fits of laughter.

Yet another side note: She's still shy about her little soon as she realized I was taking pictures of her with her bangs down, this is what I got:

One more side note: Please take notice that this "hair cutting" did not happen on my watch. ;) 

That's all.


  1. Always happens on the dad's watch. Nice job, Mister. :)

  2. She's going to keep you on your toes for sure!

    And that pic of Courtney Love? Brain bleach!

  3. Too funny! Baby Girl does look adorable and I agree, Lisa is a FABULOUS photographer - I think my girls would do anything she asks when taking their photos. She's taken a few for my Minnesota Moments magazine articles and they were amazing.

  4. haha! love this - and isn't she just a cutie?! I can understand the aversion to bangs. I hated growing mine out when I was a teenager too. Still, my girlie's hair seems determined to have bangs no matter what I do. sigh. oh well.

  5. it looks cute! and it will be funny in 10 years.. it WILL!! :)

  6. Our daughter did the same thing right before her school pictures was taken only she cut hers in the middle and kept the sides long. I think it happens more often than not

  7. Ha! When i was little, mom went to the store & left dad in charge. She came home to him watching football & my sister playing "beauty shop". She cut my hair & hers. Mine was fixable, hers was not so much! LOL.

  8. I have a strong aversion to bangs too, but she looks so cute with them!

  9. That wasn't bad at all! I did the same thing as a kid only I cut it all except for the very back strip that I could not reach. It was horrilbe and a very bad memory of my childhood from the way my parents reacted. These pictures turned out cute, she is such a sweetie!

  10. I have to say that I'm not a big fan of bangs either but she sure is a cutie!

  11. She did an amazing job! My Niece (4) cut my daughters (2) hair (while my SIL was watching them) and my daughter came away with a mullet! Thought it was a little boy when I first walked in:( She had hair to her waist before, well still did, just to her scalp on the sides! lol


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