Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Injustice of It All...

My husband? He's observant.

And he likes me. So, he observes me. (That's not the injustice...the injustice is coming...)

When he observes me, he makes observations. (Here comes the injustice)

Such as, "HEEEEEYYYYY, where did you get THAT shirt?!"

"Um. Er. Ah. drawer?", I reply as I inconspicuously clip off the tags.

Or, "Wait a minute...where did you get THOSE sweatpants?!"

"Oh, THESE old things? *coughFromOldNavycough* Found 'em in my closet!", is my response as I hastily throw the Old Navy bag away.

And then, "Hold on...YOU GOT NEW JAMMIES TOO!"

Then I throw my arm over my head and exclaim, "DUDE! You're a guy! You're not supposed to notice these things...especially the sweatpants!"

And then he chuckles and walks away shaking his head.

(Stay tuned for the announcement for this year's "Mr. Wonderfulest Contest"!! Coming soon...)


  1. Oh, I know EXACTLY what you mean! I can't slip nuthin' new past my guy!!

  2. New shirts are the only thing my guy notices, unless it's a drastic change.

  3. HAhaha :) Too funny and sooooo true!!

  4. J and I had the exact same conversation last night only insert 2 dresses and a bathing suit instead. Oops! I can't go to the beach with my big ole belly in a bikini. He'll have to get over it.

  5. I'm starting to think Anthony says that just to see if it's new... Because he really doesn't know. I always say "oh, I got this on sale a while ago" ;}


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