Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Tupperware...It's A Lost Art.

Like hieroglyphics or something. know that marinating Tupperware dish that I had Gram change her will for? Turns out IT STILL EXISTS (which means Gram can change her will back to include diamonds and gold)!!!

GAH! It was like Christmas when I had a few people (thanks guys!) tell me and even give me links, to the item! the wife of a small business owner, I felt compelled to buy one from a consultant, not directly from Tupperware. I'd much rather give my money to "the little guy" than the big dog...but here's the thing.

It seems as if Tupperware consultants no longer exist. Like they went out with the harvest orange and mustard yellow Tupperware era and corded phones.

It's tragic.


  1. Consultants still exist. A few members of my family have hosted Tupperware parties in the past year.

  2. Consultants still exist. A few members of my family have hosted Tupperware parties in the past year.

  3. Seriously? I have tons of friends who are Tupperware consultants!

  4. Find a consultant here!
    I know a bunch of people who do tupperware. My mom does Pampered Chef.

  5. There are consultants out there. :) I know you can find one.

  6. I'm just glad did a post (well, not TWO) about that dish! My mom has one, my grandmother is on her second, and since I moved out on my own I've been trying to find one! When I was in college Target sold them....then I found a Rubbermaid that was ok, but not quite as good (it had a flat top, so you couldn't flip it without fear of leaks). You just rekindled my desire for one, so really, when I was looking for a link for YOU, it was really for me. Just thought I should 'fess up to my selfish ulterior motive. Ya know, in the spirit of full disclosure and all!

    I'm happy to report mine is on its way....but not from a consultant.... :-(

  7. I sold for three years! Look up Lisa Cox, South Carolina on fb

  8. Ooooh, I love tupperware, and found your blog in my search for just this, a tupperware consultant! Lol. Love your blog, it is excellent and well written, and now bookmarked. Now back to my search Tupperware... somewhere close to me... in the middle of no where.


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