Sunday, May 20, 2012

Don't Hate Me...

I know I promised to finish the "creepy story" last night, and now it's tonight, and I won't get to it until tomorrow. Well, actually, I plan on finishing it tonight, but I won't post it until tomorrow because by the time I finish...oh, well. You get the idea.

Awesome weekend.

Full of family. Fun. Brothers. Bloody Marys. Baseball. Sunshine (with sunburn to show for it). Birthdays. Laughter. More family. Kabobs. Cake.

And not enough sleep.

However, a good plan was hatched...taking a poll...for those of you that like scary movies, what do you think about a drive-in "old school scary movie night" where they show all the old classic scary movies? "Pet Cemetery", "The Shining", "Children of the Corn", etc.

GAH!! I can hardly stand it...I think it's such a fabulous idea! Would you go? Do you think it would be "worth it"? Lemme know!

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