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Creepy Story Update

He's been arrested!!!!

I actually found out last night, was meaning to get on to post all day, but ended up being so productive that I didn't have time until tonight, then the monsoon we're experiencing messed up the internet and we are.

So, "friend" from one of the news stations in MN updated me via Facebook last night that the creepy dude had been arrested "without incident" about an hour and a half away from us.

From what I've gathered, he was spotted driving, and was apprehended on the highway.

Still not much word on the woman he abducted...for awhile I thought maybe they were keeping her condition quiet until they found him, but I still haven't heard much...but, hold please, let me take this to Google quick...

*insert Muzak here*

Okay, yeah...still not much on her condition. I did find that there is a fund set up to help with the expenses incurred with the abduction (really, let's call a spade a spade here, "incurred with getting beat up really badly by some jerkface jackwagon")...but why so quiet?!

My inner Sherlock Holmes tells me there's something more that they don't want the public to know about just yet? 

Ya think?

Anyway...I feel much better now that this creeper is behind bars. But...I'm still gonna learn how to shoot that gun.


  1. Glad they got him and looking forward to 5QF again this week!

  2. That is creepy. glad he's where he won't harm anyone else.


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