Monday, May 7, 2012

Not That I'm Counting...

There are 17.5 school days left until summer vacation.

Not that I'm counting.

That means that there are 122.5 hours of school left until summer vacation.

Not that I'm counting.

Which equals somewhere around 7,350 minutes of school left.

Not that I'm counting.

1 field trip down, 2 to go.

1 JV baseball season 1/2 over, with hardly any games played.

3 summer session activities sheets to be filled out.

1 family vacation to be scheduled.

1 extended family cabin stay to be decided upon.

And one bathroom remodel going into it's 18,493rd day.

Not that I'm counting.


  1. We have 10 days:-) Not that I am counting.

  2. I'm gonna send you an email for your vacation. :)

  3. OCD much these days? LOL
    I have no idea how many days the kids have left. They are counting!

  4. I love to count too - mine is 67 days until we atke our big cruise and cross the Arctic Circle.

  5. when do your kids get out of school? I have no idea now many days my Grace has. Oh, and my bathroom remodel took almost a year and its only 8x8


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