Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Daily Giggle

I finally broke down and went to see a chiropractor today for this crappy shoulder of mine, (Neck? Back? I'm not sure where it's originating...) and I decided to take Baby Girl along with me. 

This whole "iPad" thing has opened up a whole new realm of not needing to find a sitter to go to the chiropractor...just fire up the ol' iPad and BAM!! Hours of fun and distraction.

Only, she wanted nothing to do with the iPad...she sat on the couch and watched some strange man push and crack and twist her mama. After laying on my belly, being worked on for sometime, I rolled over and was faced with my babe.

She had quietly crawled right off that couch and come to stand by her mama with a look of trepidation and a teeny bit of terror on her face. I reached out and held her hand and she proceeded to stand by my side for the rest of the appointment.

We joined up with my mama after the appointment, for lunch, and I finally asked my babe, "What were you thinking when mama was at the chiropractor? Were you scared?"

Babe: *nodding* "I thought he was gonna pop your head off!"

Oh my sweet Mother of Jesus did I laugh. 


  1. Isn't that how it always is... the plan we think in our heads (ipad for toddler) never really goes as plans... those toddlers have plans of their own :) ha! She's just precious!

  2. LOL that was cute! Adorable picture too.


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