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Our Cabin

You know how we're totally organized? How we have things planned out for months and months, years even, in advance?

Oh, wait. That's not us. Forget it.

BUT...lemme show you what happens when you fly by the seat of your pants. It's kinda like a "Choose Your Own Adventure" book, in someways. (Remember those? They were awesome.) You start off with something, and before you know it, you're forging your own path, your own destination...only you can't go back to the previous chapter and pick a different adventure if you don't like how your adventure ends.

But anyway...

After the Pal's team won our District Championship, there was a scramble for hotel rooms. The state tourney was going to be held in Bemidji and apparently lodging is sparse, so the team ended up at a Super 8 without a pool.

We booked ourselves a room, lamenting the whole "no pool" thing (incredibly important as one tries to entertain 4 small children with lot's of down time), and started talking about finding a cabin to rent and making a mini vacation out of this trip "up north".

Right up until the night before we left, we were still debating. Unsure if we should spend the extra cashola on a vacation, but we decided to see what we could find. Well, we ended up stumbling upon a little gem.

"Pimushe Resort". 20 minutes from Bemidji. With an opening for a cabin that sleeps up to 12 people. It was gorgeous!!

And remember that whole "flying by the seat of our pants" thing? Yeah, well...our last minute-ness scored us a sweet deal on the place! We saved close to a couple hundred dollars a night by booking last minute!

You know how some people are incredibly handy? How they can fix anything and make stuff and just be pretty much useful to have around? Yeah, those were the owners of this resort.

Dude. He made all of this (and the above) furniture. Like, with his own two hands.

And she? Made the quilts. With HER own two hands (bad photo...).

And me? I'm jealous, 'cuz the only thing I make well, are babies. Which, I guess, is a pretty good thing to make well, when you think about it. ;)

Life now progresses at warp speed until school starts. More on that tomorrow.

**Disclaimer: Ain't no paid advertisement. Ed and Joanne just deserve all the word of mouth they can get!**


  1. Wow! What a great deal! You were lucky to get a nice cabin on such short notice. Around here..that's almost impossible to do!


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