Monday, August 1, 2011 can find it in the oddest things.

So, one day, last week, our dog starts going nuts.

Nuts in a way that alerts us that someone unfamiliar is driving down our driveway. In a weird, Pavlovian twist, I've begun to associate her barking with the excitement of the arrival of the UPS guy.

She barks, and my mind is already tearing into some sort of package, just waiting to see what the treasure is.

Weird, I know.

Anyway, back to the barking.

So as not to deter any package bearing UPS guy, we try our best to run out to calm Dora (our dog) before the UPS guy tasers or pepper sprays or kicks our dog. (We needn't worry though, like I mentioned above, he's adorable. And he's always very good with our dog.)

On this day, he is bearing a ginormous box. I didn't remember ordering anything, so I assume it's the Mr.'s, and begin the task of reminding myself that I shouldn't open someone else's mail. No matter how ginormous and tempting that box is.

But...THIS box was addressed to moi! ME! Sweet little ol' yours truly. And, it's COLD. Then, I remembered!

I won some Bomb Pops from Audrey! I mean, how fun!! I love Bomb Pops. My kids love popsicles. Of anykind (but after this latest parcel, I'm quite certain they're partial to Bomb Pops).

It wasn't the Bomb Pops that were even the most fun though. See, they came packed in dry ice. Which is, prolly one of the coolest things ever.

"Dry ice? Like, it doesn't melt?" They asked.

And I said, "Watch this." And blew on it.

The rest, my friends is history. This styrofoam cooler proved to be days of fun. We'd box it back up, then take it out again to see how much "smoke" we could make come out of that cooler.

Unfortunately for all of us, the dry ice is gone. Evaporated into the air in one too many poofs of smoke. And I'm wondering how to get my (figurative, not literal...ouch!) hands on more...but it was so fun while it lasted!!

And then we had the Bomb Pops, to boot.

Life is good.


  1. Dry ice+ my monkeys would = hours of free entertainment! My boys spent days just ripping the packing tape off of the boxes in the garage after the move. Almost didn't want to recycle! Almost... Enjoy the bomb pops!!!

  2. I can't believe you got Bomb Pops in the mail! (UPS) That's so cool! And fun that the kids enjoyed the dry ice while it lasted. (:>)

    You are an awesome Mom!

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  3. Love this! And now I need to find some bomb pops. And I challenged you to a kettlebell duel on my blog. :) Because I love ya.

  4. Isn't it just so neat when you find something simple like that to make the day fun and entertaining :) Love the pictures!

  5. bomb pops sound so good. i havent had one in years

  6. Um, what are these Bomb Pop things? This is strange and unusual sounding to this Michigander...

  7. Yummy! Bomb Pops are the bomb! ;-) I haven't had one for many years.

  8. Oh, yes. We had hours of fun with our dry ice. And then daddy came home and started the fun all over again. See, daddy is an aerospace engineer and understands all of the properties of dry ice and knows how much to put into a covered container to make a big boom in the back yard. I wonder what science projects will be like when they get into school.


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