Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Fish Tale.

I'm known for my sweet fishing skills 'round these parts.

Okay, so that's a bold faced lie, but I should be...Mama can fish!

Years ago, before I became interested in boys (sheesh, why'd I ever let that stop me?!), I used to go to Canada with my grandpa every summer. (Grandpa update: He's doing amazing! Absolutely wonderful. More on his story in a bit...) Yeah, sure, I was often concerned about flies mating on my leg (inside joke) and what was for supper (not much has changed)...but I could fish.

Loved to fish. My dad used to take me, too, back before I had oodles of kids demanding my time and attention. Back when I had gobs of time to sit, chewing sunflower seeds, trolling for walleyes.

Looks like my kids, well, E.W for sure, share my enjoyment of fishing. Kiddo coulda spent the entire vacation "drowning worms". The fishing off the dock of our cabin was awesome!!

I joined in on the fun...when my motherly duties would allow me to, and WOWZA!! You shoulda seen ("should have seen"...that's grammatically correct, no?) the sunny I caught! Sucker was GINORMOUS!

And, because I'm the photographer. I'm the one behind the camera. I'm the one looking for memories to photograph...none exist of this monster sunfish.

Guess you'll just hafta take my word on it.

The Mr. exclaimed, when he saw it, "It has a forehead!!", and the resort owner caught a glimpse of it, had to measure it, and was darn impressed himself.

*Puffs out chest*

Yup. Just call me, "Fish Slayer". (But not, "Fish Fillet-er"...I ain't no good at that. 'Cept the eatin' of those fish fillets...and nothin's better than some pan fried sunfish!)


  1. Really, big can sunfish actually get? The ones here in MI only get about 5" long....

    I love fishing too! Another reason why we need to be neighbors on a creek - we'd meet with margaritas and fishing poles while the husby's watch the kids....:)

    BTW- catching up on your blog (where the HECK have I been?!?!?). Try growing the hair out. If it's not long enough before the wedding, then cut it....but you'll never know until you try!

  2. YAY for grand fishing skills! I'll have to let Tucker read this post. He's a fisherman, too, ya know. ;) I personally will not touch a fish. Unless it's already cooked. And I definitely won't touch a slimy ol' worm. YUCK! So maybe I'll send Tucker to your place next time he's wanting to go fishin'. ;)

  3. My kids have asked me to start going fishing with them. I will go but will not fish, i just watch the kids


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