Wednesday, August 24, 2011


This post? Most of you got it...but sounds like not until the very close up photo!

Hummingbird it was! Here's the, I was snapping pics when I saw something flit in the corner of my eye. I glanced up to see the hummingbird hovering over Baby Girl's head, but when I went to actually try to snap a picture of it, off it flew.

The I realized that little "flit" I saw when I started snapping the photos was probably the bird, so I started scouring the photos that I had and sho' nuff!! There it was! Little cutie...

Oh...and yeah. I guess it isn't just me. And, I like the idea of splitting the shipping.

Kind of a group price deal? :)

Here's to a better day tomorrow (or, today, by the time most of you read this!)...*clink*! *Here here!*

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  1. Oh yes....I did take a shot of vodka. I was contemplating two...but then thought better of it. :) Tonight- amaretto slush. Mmmmm.


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