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Advice needed...

Need your help.

My brother? He's getting married in 5 months.

My issue? I can't decide if I should grow my hair out for the wedding (I'm a's a beach wedding, in Mexico) or leave it short and make do.

Problem: Length it's at won't allow for an updo. I can swing some curls to jazz it up a bit, a la Jennifer Nettles...but I do that on an average day out with the hubs. See?

Problem Dos: Is 5 months even enough time to allow my hair to grow out enough to accomplish a cute, messy, beachy updo?

Problem Tres: I'm slighty (ok, a whole lot) "hair styling challenged". I'm not good about doing much. If I DO grow my hair out, here's the look I'd be going for with an up-do:

(via Google Images)

Cute, no?

So...grow it out and accomplish some sort of something like the above photo, or stick with my current do and aim for my Jennifer Nettles-esque curls? With, perhaps, a cute little flower thrown in on the side?

(via Google Images)

What say you?


  1. It's a beach wedding, right? Short with the curls is lovely...OH! Or you can do something like what Reese Witherspoon did for the wedding scene in Sweet Home Alabama...classy yet sassy:)

  2. You can grow your hair out and if it doesn't get long enough you can either cut it shorter and do your could get extentions if your hair doesn't grow long enough. They are pretty amazing.

  3. You'd be surprised how little your hair would have to grow out to accommodate a simple updo. My step-daughter is a stylist and says that a lot of people grow their hair out too much to have it put up for a wedding. She likens it to being expected to make a dress with 10 yards of fabric - no more, no less :) Talk to the person who does your hair and see what they think.

    Regardless, you're gorgeous and you'll look fabulous no matter what!!!!

  4. I think you should grow it out!! t will look amazing and as someone else mentioned a hair extension will work for that updo if your hair doesn't grow long enough. But... in the end you have to be happy with your hair so whatever you will enjoy for and after the wedding!!!

  5. I think keep it short because you def know how to fix it the way it is. Wedding are always stressfull and they are double stressful when they are our of town weddings. Plus you are the sister of the groom so Im pretty sure you will have lots of duty. The last thing you are gonna wanna be doing is stressing because you cant figure out your hair, because its just not doing what you want. Just my opinion! We all know you will look great which ever you decide.

  6. Are you having someone do your hair for you? Or are you doing it yourself? If someone does it for you then don't even worry about it, stylists can pretty much do anything with anything, just go with what you want and what makes you comfy and happy and they'll do the rest. :)

  7. I'm with Karen... Go for it. You can always cut it right before if you change your mind. It wont have to be much longer to do it like that photo.

  8. I suggest easy and slightly messy. I was married on a beach in Hawaii and it was windy! So be sure to think about that with your chosen style. I like the idea of extensions too. I have a hard time growing out hair. Requires patience.

  9. Because I favor long hair, I say let it grow and sweep it up with some wispy curls. Either way..I believe both styles would be great on you!

  10. Grow it out and then if you don't like it at wedding time, you can always chop it then. You can't "real quick" grow your hair but you CAN "real quick" cut it :)

  11. Which way do you think looks the best on you?
    There will be lots of photos taken so you want
    to be at your "picture-best".

  12. Beach weddings are windy, you're going to want to pull it up/back in some way so it's not in your face during photo ops!

  13. Both are super cute! I think I like the up-do because like Erin said you'll probably want it out of your face!

  14. I love the curls and I'm all for short hair but you could always get extensions if it wasn't long enough for the updo. But I agree with one of the comments above...if you're not doing your own hair, I'd be willing to bet whoever is could make an updo happen no matter how long your hair is :)

  15. GROW IT OUT! I cut off mine and yes, I'm having regrets now. I keep looking at my FB profile pic and thinking "What WERE you thinking?" I love the updo pic you posted and think you'd look simply ravishing! :)

  16. Since the wedding is in the Winter, I would say grow it out! 5 months time should be sufficient to get some up-do worthy tresses, you could always take prenatal vitamins to help it grow faster! Long hair is always beautiful and elegant :)

  17. you certainly have enough time to grow it can still achieve a nice up-do and not have super long hair (although stock in bobby pins may be essential). Both would look really nice on you. One thing to consider given beach wedding: Wind! as in, good be lots of it, which may not treat your curls so kindly. So an up-do may have more lasting power.

  18. I think letting it grow and doing an up-do is the way to go. Especially if you're going to have a beach wedding, where the weather is warm and sweaty, sticky hair is unattractive. It'll be a lot more comfortable with your hair up.

  19. I think either way is cute but that's not a lot of help is it? LOL! It's your hair, follow your heart or ask the bride's opinion.

  20. I say it's adorable the way it is but that's just me!!

  21. It is totally cute the way it is, but why not try and grow it out during the time you have? You can always get a cute cut again closer to the wedding if it doesn't work out!!

  22. What I'm planning to do with my own hair is grow it out and buy clip-in extensions. The money I save from not going to the salon will pay for the extensions. You can grow your hair out and if it's not the length you desire, you can buy extensions. Imagine your head of long, thick, sexy hair!

  23. Stick with the Jen 'do...I don't think it will grow long enough in 5 months - I know mine wouldn't - and you'd end up needing extensions or being stuck with no 'do.



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