Thursday, August 18, 2011

Let's Play a Game...

I took a lot of pictures last weekend. That's what vacation will do to a girl...make her take loads of pictures.

Except for that giant sunfish. (OOOOH. That still ticks me off that we didn't get a picture of it!)

I was admiring a lovely conversation of a daddy with his girls, when I grabbed my camera to try to capture the moment. I snapped a couple of pics, then something caught my eye.

Can you see it?

It's pretty tiny...have a closer look...

Still no? Try this:

Can anyone see it yet? Or, better yet, do you know what it is?

Last chance...

Any guesses?! I was totally excited to have caught it in the photo!


  1. A hummer! :) Pretty cool to catch it by accident! I've tried and tried to catch a shot of one on purpose and can't manage it! ;)

  2. A hummingbird!! That's amazing!! Good eye, I don't think I would catch it in my pictures.

  3. A hummingbird??!!! I've never gotten a picture of one without sitting and waiting for it and then sometimes it's hard.

  4. a hummingbird!

    funny that i couldn't see it at first but then when you really zoomed in i saw it, then i went back and found it in the other pictures :)

    great capture!

  5. What a great shot! I really needed you to zoom in to see it.

  6. How on earth did you see that in the picture! Wow! Either hummingbird or butterfly, but I'm prone to think it's a hummer..

  7. i was so thinking mocking bird until i read what everyone wrote, i am such a goober

  8. haha well my eyesight is terrible & I thought it was a bat LOL

  9. Beth, I was going to guess a bat too! :P I'm guessing I was wrong and it's a hummingbird based on all the other responses! lol!


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