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Real Time...

'Cuz Sunday nights seem to be a good time to do my "Real Time" reports...

Currently, in "Le Casa de Wonderful"...

I'm resting in my bed (hallelujah!!) next to my two favorite girls in the whole world. One is snoring softly and the other is grinding her teeth.

My neck is bothering me and I'm trying to decide if I should get it looked at or tough it out. Either way, it can't have my attention until after Labor Day because life currently has me in a head lock and is forcing me to run a marathon with it.

At speeds I'd prefer not to run.

Speaking of running...after a fabulous start, vacations got in the way. Same goes for my healthy eating habits.

Can you say "chubba"? How 'bout "jiggle"? Or, maybe "Fatty, fatty 2 by 4, can't fit through the kitchen door"?

I'm listening to my two little boys settle into of them very excited about the haul he just made from his birthday party tonight. Oh, and now daddy is in on their there anything better than watching (listening) to your husband be a wonderful dad to your children?


Oh, now he came into our room to fetch the tooth grinder and carry her to her bed. The snorer is next.

And, speaking of snoring...after losing one too many hours of sleep in our camper this weekend, I downloaded a "White Noise" app for my iPhone. I am in love. Popped my earbuds in and listened to "Extreme Rain Pouring" all night long. Drowned out any unwanted snoring and actually made me question whether it had rained during the night!

Okay friends...mine eyes are telling me it's time to say goodnight!

I'll talk to you in the morning! (Talk?)



  1. I spy on my husband when he's with the children, it's beautiful. Our middle girl is a snorer, OMG, like a 90y.o. alcoholic with the flu, she is so loud (can be heart through 3 doors) & is never sick, just huge HUGEST adnoids. Her twin sister put up with it for almost 10 years, she had to move out. Her poor future husband - so pretty on the outside yet LOUD on the inside. Love Posie

  2. I have four snorers/grinders myself. Yes, all of my children manage to be loud while they sleep. Go figure.

  3. I love this post. It's sweet and filled with love and simple joy.


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