Wednesday, August 17, 2011

They Say it's your Birthday...

*Grabs air guitar, starts jammin'*

"Nah nah nah nah nah nah nah"

6 years ago, a mama gave birth to the most incredible little being. He came rip-roaring into this world 2 1/2 weeks early...making that mama rather happy to have gotten to "sneak out" of the last bit of pregnancy!

All wise, old soul/little old man looking, he won his family's hearts...well, all except the heart of his big (not biggest) brother, who really thought his life had been rather inconvenienced by the baby that took up all of his mama's time.

He has grown into such a fun little character. Full of movie quotes, spunk, and still a little bit of "baby boy", he is quite the kid. His baby sister's best bud. His biggest brother's biggest fan. His biggest sister's baby brother, and his big (not biggest) brother's arch nemesis.

Okay, not really on that last part. Well, okay...maybe a little. ;)

He's the kind of kid that other kids are drawn to. A little bit aloof, a tad "I don't give a damn"...seems to be a kid magnet.

Kindergarten is just around the makes his mama sad to send off another one of her babies to school. The baby sister is going to be lost without her buddy to shadow all day long.

Hard for his mama to believe that her baby boy is already 6 years old...when it seems like just yesterday they were driving through torrential rain to get to the hospital.

6 years.

I love you little man. Hambone, you are an amazing blessing in our lives. Thank you for being YOU...and:



  1. Happy birthday to your little Hambone! :) What a cute kid he is, too. Hope his day is full of all kinds of fun!

  2. Awe...that's sweet. You have beautiful children.
    Happy 6th Birthday to Hambone! Hope he has the best birthday ever!!

  3. Happy birthday big guy! He is looks a lot like you Mama! My son is the same way about being a kid magnet, he could really care less about playing by himself so then the kids, especially little girls, flock to him.

  4. Happy Birthday Hambone!! How sweet is that picture of him and Baby Girl?! So cute.

  5. You have a beautiful family! Happy birthday, Hambone!

  6. I hope he has a wonderful birthday. He sounds like a wonderful guy!

  7. Happy Birthday Hambone! My little Super Bee's birthday is today as well, he is 7! What a wonderful day to have a baby! Enjoy celebrating!


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