Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wordless (kinda) Wednesday.

This is my nephew.

This is my nephew on drugs a park toy that spins it's rider at eleventy million rotations per second.

Contrary to the crisp photo, it really was spinning like crazy...that's not a smile, that's the centrifugal force on the poor kid's face! ;)


  1. my kids would be all over that!! great moment to capture though!

  2. Oh My Gosh! I remember going on a school camping trip (pre high school, so I must have been about 9 or 10) and the camp ground had one of those only without the "handle" bit.
    We found out (accidentally) that if you spread your arms out you go faster and to slow it down you had to fold yourself in very small.
    It was so much fun and this is the only other time I've ever seen or heard of one.
    I have no idea what they are called but I do remember it being lots and lots of fun - even if we did feel a wee bit queasy after a while =)

  3. He looks so much like the Mr, which one of his siblings does he belong to?

  4. He looks like he is having a blast! May the force be with him.

  5. LOL! Love it! I used to LOVE that park "ride!" My Wordless Wednesday shot isn't quite so action packed!

  6. Can you say "throw up"? 'Cause that's what I'd be doing! ;) Great pics!

  7. OMG, those pictures are hilarious! That looks like so much fun! And wow - excellent shots!

  8. Oh wow, when I was younger, I could have totally tolerated this, however just the mere thought of it now makes me nauseated! Did he have fun though? The after picture would have been nice to see him trying to walk around when this was done!


  9. I love how you captured his expressions and emotions! These are priceless!


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