Thursday, January 6, 2011

WAIT! Stop!!

Hold on, JUST ONE SECOND, Mr. World.

I've gotta bone to pick with you. I hear you're gonna end soon...all this bird falling, fish dying's got people's panties in a bundle and they're all saying it's the end. Well, I've got somethin' to say to you.

You can't end. For Pete's sake...finally, for once in my life, I decide to take a risk (you know, other than the risk I took moving 30 minutes away to go to college...) and then...THEN?!! All I hear about is how you're gonna end on me.

Well, listen here, Mr. World...I ain't done livin' yet. I've got this photography business that's I need to see to fruition, not to mention the 5 little beings that are currently asleep under my roof...they need to be raised up so they can make this world right again!

Oh, and then there's the matter of this handsome man lying beside me who I've got a lot of retirement living to look forward to.

Plain and simple, can't end. Not just yet.


All my respect, love, and admiration,


  1. Amen! It is quite freaky I will say!

  2. There was a big story about this on our news last night because they say it started here in TN. Asian bird flu??? NO...just fog...they say the birds are getting into fog and hitting power lines...that's what's killing them. So the world is not coming to an end.

  3. I literally LOL'd when I read this...I did a little digging on the Harold Camping guy the article refers to and he apparently also predicted the end in 94 and was wrong...

    People who try to do that just make me want to slap them...

  4. No worries, my friend. We're here for awhile longer ;-)

  5. All that stuff bugs the heck out of me. The media must think we eat it up, but I'd like to see that change. We need more positivity!


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