Monday, January 10, 2011

Big, heavy, contented sigh...

You are about to have a conversation with my brain. Forgive me, it's very one sided...

I spent the weekend saturated in babies. Not mine, other peoples, but saturated, nonetheless. It's strange, I worked more in the last three days than I have all together since before Christmas!

It was equal parts wonderful and difficult...wonderful, because I love what I do...difficult because it means I'm away from my family...such is life, my family survived, and I'm currently winding down from work, tappity tapping away on my computer while a certain 2 year old snoozes restlessly beside me and her handsome daddy snores away on the other side of her.


So, this photography thing? Yeah...looks like it's really gonna happen!! I'm gonna do it! I'm really, really, really excited about it...but guys, I need a name!! I'm having the hardest time coming up with something professional and catchy.

I feel like "So-and-so Photography" names are a dime a dozen, so I don't really want to go with that...I also don't want a name that "pigeon holes" me into a certain niche...I'd like something whimsical, easy to brand, and unique.

I realize that I'm asking for the moon...HEY! "For the Moon Photography"! Hmmmm...okay, maybe not.

The other day, I had a little nibble of one of the tastiest oranges I've had in a long, long time. So tasty, in fact, that it induced in me, a craving for oranges so strong I almost had to buy a pregnancy test! No "normal" (not that pregnancy isn't "normal") woman craves something that badly! (I'm not, by the way. Pregnant, that is.)

So, I bought some oranges, only after my kids have been exposed to weeks and weeks of clementines, brought them home and devoured them tossed them in a bowl.

Suddenly, I head Hambone exclaim, "WHOA!! Look at these GIANT clementines!!!"

You'd think the kid had never seen oranges before. For the record, he has. names (if you're wondering, "Crooked Halos Photography" is taken...I already checked...)...suggestions anyone?




*tap tap tap* "This thing on?" (Name that blogger...)


  1. Well, you COULD call it 'OVER THE MOON PHOTOGRAPHY' in, you're over the moon to be able to do this! :) You could use little angel (with a crooked halo, of course) jumping over a crescent moon as your logo. :)

  2. Over the Moon Memories
    The Right Click Photography
    Memories Captured
    Hmm gotta think...

  3. Not feeling witty right now...hmmm...

  4. I think Crooked Halos is ok, as long as the person it's "taken" by isn't in your area. Honestly, I just looked, and "Crooked Halo" (singular) is pretty much just a hobbyist. I think it'd still be ok for you to use Crooked Halos Photography, especially if Halos is plural.

  5. What a fun task!!! I have no doubt you will come up with something fun and catchy!
    I remember reading a few books that gave good ideas on how to come up with business names, do a search and read the tips! One tip that stuck with me was to brainstorm words that are associated with your business and see if those words spark any creative names...good luck!

  6. I had a hard time coming up with my Photography Business name, too! Something will come to you!

  7. I guess twisted halo would not sound right. I will think about it.

  8. There are so many catchy names: Captured Memories, Captured Blessings...

    One of my favorites here in my town is Belmore Photography. Her name is Belinda Utmore.

    With my Bags By Jill experience, it would be nice if it started with an A opposed to a Z if possible. (I'm just adding more criteria aren't I?)

  9. That Blogger is Pioneer Woman...Not sure on the business name though. My dad's business is KLA Woodworks, KLA being the first initials of each of his daughters' names. Maybe you can do something like that? Good luck!

  10. Why not "My Little Life Photography?" I think it's cute.


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