Sunday, January 16, 2011

Help a Brother Out.


My big bro, you know, the one who just got engaged, which means I'm FINALLY getting a sister, big bro? Yeah, him...

Well, he just listed his house on the market...he and K. are looking to buy a house "outside the city", and since the market is pretty crappy around here, he'd like to get as much exposure as he can for his house.

He asked me if he could "borrow" a little spot in my itty bitty corner of the Internet to use for a little face time for his house...I charged him prime rates, of course, and then reminded me that he had just given me a sister.

Touche, big bro, touche.

So, my friends, spread the word! I'll link the listing below for his house, which is located within blocks of North Memorial Hospital and on Victory Memorial Parkway. It's a super cute house!

(Image Courtesy Edina Realty MLS Listing)


  1. That sure is a darling home! Praying they can sell it quickly!

  2. That place is adorable!!

    And look at you hocking real estate! :)

  3. Any chance he would want to have it as a rental property? Me and my family are looking to rent for a few years.

  4. Hey you have an email addy that I can contact you at?

  5. Sure...



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