Thursday, January 13, 2011

Murphy's Law

There are just somethings I don't understand in life.

Mathematical equations and chemical make-ups are just some of those things.

But...the one thing that really gets me and doctors.

How is it...why is it, that you can have a sick kiddo, down and out, fever, sore throat, cough, headache...feeling really crummy, but the moment your vehicle turns that last corner into the doctor's office parking lot, they're cured.




No fever, no cough, asking for Chicken McNuggets when three minutes ago they were barfing their brains out.

I don't understand.

A couple of weeks ago, the Pal and Baby Girl were playing. She tried to run away from him while he was holding her hand, and the next thing we knew?

Tears. Not playing. Favoring that arm, crying if we so much as looked at it, wincing in pain when the blanket under her arm was moved.

After calling for the Mr. to come evaluate also, we made the decision to head into the a blizzard. (The nurse in me insisting to go to the bigger hospital 45 minutes away. In case she needed surgery [dramatic much?], I didn't want to go to our small town, local hospital.)

Gave her a dose of ibuprofen, warmed the truck, gently put her in her car seat and off we went.

She fell asleep about half way there, and woke when we were getting her out of her car seat to go into the ER.

The first thing she did? Stretch...with both arms. "Well, gosh..." I thought to myself, "she wasn't doing that at home!"

So, we check in, tell them her ailment, sit in the lobby and she is jumping around, happy and laughing and playful.

*scratches head* *looks quizzically at Baby Girl* *scratches head again*

What the?

I hand her my phone, to see if she'll use both hands to play. Sho' nuff, she, I take it a step farther,

"Hey, Baby Girl, gimme five...with the arm that had the owie!"

SMACK!! Giggles ensue.

"Nurse? Yeah, we're going home."

See what I mean? I would've sworn that the girl broke her arm...then we pull into the ER and voilĂ !!

All better.

*scratches head, still*


  1. That still happens with me! I'd get so sick, temperature and chills and sore throats and what have you... I call to make an appointment to see my Dr and the day of the appt? I'm all better. It never.ever.fails!!

  2. I love your blog sooooooo much! It always gives me my first laugh of the day:)

    My kids are the SAME way! They can't move, they have a high fever......dying! And we get into the dr and they are running around out in the waiting room! ha Glad to see my kids aren't the only ones:)

  3. oh my goodness!! How can you be mad that the face? lol!! I don't know what I would of done in that situation though, haha!

  4. Yup - always!! It also seems to happen just after the school bus has passed the house, rounded the corner and is to far gone to call back!! Things that make you go hmmm?

  5. Yep that happens to me too!!!!!

  6. I remember one time my mother took me to the doctor and said, "You've been sick for three days. I don't care if you're better or not, you act sick!" :)

  7. I joke with my doc that the best cure for any ailment is to make an appointment with him. ;) Glad she was okay!

  8. I'm guessing she had nursemaid's elbow. My daughter's had it twice. Luckily the second time she'd gotten it back in place BEFORE the Xrays!! Oy!! Nothing like going through making an 18 month old be still for Xrays (and mentally calculating the cost) to have her be fine once you get back to the exam room.


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